12 Amazing Animal Facts that we bet you didn’t know till now! Don’t raise your brows after reading this!

Nature is a weird place and so are its inhabitants. You have no idea what you miss out every day. We, humans, take tigers to be a mighty fearless animal but these beasts can be cowards as well. Deer, as a species, are not at all weak and with their superior sense of smell, can evade any predator with the utmost precision. This is what nature holds – beauty, justice and most importantly, amazing.

Here is a list of fun animal facts that are sure to raise your brow and stretch your lips, animal lover or not!

  1. Ostriches will win a sprint-race against horses

And by a long distance. The male birds can even roar like a lion. Some competition, huh!

  1. Dogs can see colors

Throw whatever you heard about a dog’s world being black and white out of the window. In fact, they have a far better eyesight than us, but can perceive color a little less.

  1. Monkeys use vending machines

In Japan! Macaques insert coins (don’t ask where they get it from) and purchase stuff they like. Imagine the nature of the queue, wink!

  1. Gorillas catch human diseases.

Some animal fun facts! After all, they are our forefathers. Common cold is indeed common.

  1. Sea Otters are quite romantic

They hold hands while asleep. Do you do that with your partner? This prevents them from drifting away and keeps the romance alive.

  1. Spiders are some diet-ers

Tarantulas can go without food for 2 complete days. Now that’s some bug or animal fact. No meat, no cheese – so extra fat.

  1. Penguins get down on their knees as well

Gentoos present a pebble and propose to their beloved. The fiancé accepts it and the violin starts playing. Quite a cost-effective way, actually!

  1. Oysters can choose their gender

And the decision is based on who is available. You see a handsome guy, change yourself to a pretty lady. A girl nearby? No problem, change back.

  1. Ant population is more than humans

Yes, we cannot blame ourselves only, anymore. Animal fun facts number 9 – we are outnumbered by 1 million to 1. But ants don’t use ACs and plastics, so they are not melting the polar caps.

  1. Cows have besties

With whom they share their grass and body-bugs. At times, they even gossip about other cows and which bull is handsome. (Just joking!)

  1. Squirrels are environmentally aware

They plant more trees than 100 humans combined. They bury their acorn and forget the place. That seed stays underground and grows into a tree. Go green!

  1. Crocs are bad swimmers

They die if they stay underwater for too long. But don’t show your bravery near one. When they surface, they can be as much lethal.

And the list will go on. Bats cannot walk, whales cannot swallow and many more animal facts. In fact, the world around is much more interesting than you think it is. Every animal has something unique to contribute, and all play its part of this huge ecosystem. Protect and preserve, and more importantly, let live!

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12 Amazing Animal Facts that we bet you didn’t know till now! Don’t raise your brows after reading this!

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