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5 Most-Magical Bio-luminescent Beaches From Across The Globe That Will Reinstate Your Faith On ‘Spells’ and ‘Charms’


Planet Earth is too wondrous and miraculous not to believe in magic and fairy tales. You’ve read about Bio-luminescent kingdoms and castles in books, but did you know Bio-luminescent Beaches actually exist? Now before you smirk thinking it to be a joke, here are few of the famous ones, we thought you did like to know about.

Okayama in Japan

Okayama Beach

You can go ahead and pour out your ‘wow’s’ to Vargula hilgendorfii, the ‘sea-fireflies’ for the swirls and the glistening blue streaks adorning the coastline.

Tasmania’s Primrose Sands

Primrose Sands Beach

Tasmania’s Preservation Bay is the magical hotspot to witness the divinely beautiful bio-luminescence in the form of a blue pattern on the water, which is caused by millions of single cell plant plankton.

CA’s San Diego

San Diego Beach CA

The huge tides of Lingulodinium Polyedrum, red algae bloom off the southern California’s town coast of San Diego, lighting the waterfalls with blue flashes.

The Maldive Islands

The Maldive Islands

The waters around the island is a booming hotspot for ostracod crustaceans, a Bio-luminescent creature which emits blue lights for longer periods than plankton.

Puerto Rico’s Vieques

Puerto Ricos Vieques

The popular Mosquito Bay on the island’s southern tip is the brightest of all Bio-luminescent beach of all times, courtesy to the thousands of glowing marine plants.

Ditch the usual beach vacation for this, and enjoy living the magic.

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