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Exotic 6 adrenaline-pumping Adventure Sports that you must include in your current bucket list

6 Adrenaline-Pumping Adventure Sports that you must include in your Current Bucket List

There are 2 kinds of travelers! The first type carries an ironed shirt in their bag and likes to sip wine in a multi-star hotel room. The other type carries a rucksack, a few tees and an unending adventure-seeking attitude. While the first type stares at the BurjKhalifa for its luxe rooms, the second wants to climb to its observatory and jump off. So, if you fall into the latter category, you simply must include these adventure sports in your bucket list. They are scary, adrenaline pumping and definitely, fun!

  1. Cave Diving –

A professional diver died recently while diving in the depths of caves. Certainly, this is not for the faint-heated. Take the Cenotes of Mexico, for instance. From the bank, the diving site looks like a mere water body where fishes swim around. But once you put on your gear and jump in, the adventure begins.

The best sites hold some of the most deep and frightening caves on Earth. There, you get to understand the vastness our planet holds. If you are on the look-out of top adventure sports, this should definitely top your list.

  1. Cliff Jumping –

Yes, jumping off a clip into the ocean. Visit the Kamari Beach, Santorini or Kahekili’s Leap, Hawaii and let go of everything. The fun part is, in cliff jumping, you have no gears, no ropes, no safety equipment. You simply jump into the unending water.

  1. Sky Diving –

15,000 feet in air and you jump off a plane, parachute latched onto your back and you fall freely. Mid-air, you reach terminal velocity and float like a weightless body. Below you, the breathtaking view of the earth. If this is not one of the top adventure sports, nothing is.

Hit New Zealand or Switzerland to dive for the mountains or Australia for the sea. The sheer experience will leave you speechless!

  1. Big-Wave Surfing –

Another adventure sports without gears – a simple surfboard to accompany you. You swim to the depth of the sea and wait. Wait for that mammoth wave and then it all begins. While it rushes towards the shore, you balance your board to ride it perfectly. More than the thrill of monstrous waves, the fear of it engulfing you is simply mind-blowing.

  1. Slacklining –

Last on the list, but definitely not the least – danger-wise. A rope hangs between two cliffs and you have to walk on it. In short, the adventurous version of tightrope walking. Below you are the steep slopes of the hills around. One fall, and no more stories.

Special Mention – #6 Bull running

The most renowned of them all! Outside Spain, it’s banned. But when you are in Spain, no one can stop you. All you have to do is run, run from a few raging and charging bulls. 800 meters of racing and six bulls following – no other sport can top this.


Spice up your life with these adventure sports.Live a life with a story to tell. Jump or run for your life and then get that much-deserved sip of wine.

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