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Oasis Resorts and Hotels: Adventures and Activities


Vacation is needed in every family to escape the tedious boredom that comes with the monotone of everyday life. To revive the fun and dismiss the sameness of boring life, people should be able to rejuvenate their souls through tours and travels. A journey has the power of altering life’s perspectives but enough with the heavy words! It is crucial to identify that different family members need different pleasure activities such as the parents crave for the bliss of exotic drinks and nightlife while the teens look for some adventurous activities. Similarly, kids are keen on exploring the unfamiliar land and run around the beach.


What are the fun activities here?

For little people, Oasis Resorts introduce fun games and activities that could be indulged in for hours without getting bored. Even kids who claim to have outgrown games and toys would not be able to resist the activities here.

There are pools and various sports to keep the teens busy. Also, the other outdoor activities serve perfectly to offer the kids and teens joyous times while their parents enjoy privacy. Oasis Resorts are ideal for refreshment and basking under the tropical sun.


Apart from the indoor happenings, the resort’s perfect location being close to the beach provides for other major summer activities like swimming, surfing, playing volleyball, speed boating and much more. If your family visits the place at the right time then you could attend various concerts, shows, parties and even educational fests that could mentally groom your kids. Considered as the ultimate family destination, people of all ages hardly run out of adventures and activities here.

What does the resort include?

Oasis Resorts have included packages according to the needs of each member of the family so that none would feel like an outsider. Hence, quite thoughtfully the hotel team has included the exclusive Kids and Teens Spa to cater to the exhausted and tired children. There are the usual spa and massage centers, too, to make your trip worthwhile.


Apart from these, the hotels include styling, pedicure and manicure packages as well to not let you miss out on any of the luxuries you paid for!

Kids’ special packages

Oasis Resorts and Hotels have created the Kids and Teens Spa Treatment packages keeping the childish fancies in mind. The children are treated with extra care and welcome to make them feel like celebrity travelers. Not only this, there is one chocolate massage option that has been voted as the kids’ favorite till date.

Younger teens and adolescents could also enjoy the various body scrub treatments and facials that they have been thinking were only for adults. Bubbling Jacuzzi is another major attraction of the resort. Ideal for relaxing and pampering your body, Oasis’s Jacuzzi has been made available for the little people as well.

Choosing the right destination for each family member must not be overlooked as no parent would want to see their children sulk while they mingle with other adults or spend some time alone. A family destination should provide for activities that could be enjoyed by people of all age and profession. A wholesome family tour not only enlivens the mood but brings the family closer spiritually.

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