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Thailands’ Strikingly Beautiful Places Which Deserves to Be Explored And Are Stunning Beyond Words

Thailands Strikingly Beautiful Places

Thailand remains to be one such favorite-destinations in the world, courtesy to its talcum sand beaches, lush verdant greenery, exotic jungles, awe-inspiring cultural heritage, rich-old cultural remains and pompous festival celebrations, the storybook places and much more. Thailand is arguably one of those enticing countries that breathe out beauty. Be it to propose your beloved, spend a relaxing holiday by the pristine beaches or unwind with nature’s bounty; nothing beats enigmatic Thailand. But when in Thailand, you ought to visit some of its most glorious regions and places, which is much more than a mere tourist attraction.


Pai Thailand

Pai is hushed away some 100 kilometers from the biggest northern city of Thailand-Chiang Mai and is a painted village which is an every-time favorite of all the backpackers. Away from the city chaos, Pai breathes in peace and bliss and is one of those places that can ingrain you with ‘divinely bliss’. Brimming with myriad spas, cosy-friendly stays, and an agreeable ambiance; nothing beats the gloriousness of the place. What prettifies Pai, is the enshrouding hot springs and waterfalls. You can jump into the thrilling bike-trips at its curvy roads, or go interact with the Burmese speaking village people nearby. With numerous retreat zones and meditation points, Pai albeit is one of the most sought after tourist destinations which waist to be unexplored.

Koh Tao


Koh Tao is ranked as the most touristy islands in the country which offers an amazing backdrop in the entire country. While most travelers make their way to the neighboring islands of Koh Phangan and Koh Samui, Koh Tao remains unparalleled for a good number of divers and tourists who prefer serenity over crowdy areas. The turquoise waters, magnificent flawless shores makes it more amusing, besides the warm waters which are just perfect for snorkeling. In case you are hike-freak you can even go and explore the jungles dotting the coastline and gape at the marvelous beauty of the place.

Koh Jum

Koh Jum

If you wish for seclusion over the fretting traffic jams and thronging city streets, they Koh Jum is the appropriate place for you which sits pretty between Ko Lanta Yai and Krabi. What would get you loose, is its laid-back ambiance, the surrounding emerald blue waters, the rugged island shores, a plethora of dainty beaches which offers for an amazing sun-bathing experience, and the sound of the raging waves. Lay back gazing at the stars and enjoy the star-lit nights of Koh Jum, or you can even up and personal with the virgin beauty here.



Ayutthaya is located some 50 kilometers away from the hustle-bustle of the city and is labeled as one of the world’s most striking cities, not only because of the ancient remnants and ruins which got helped the city get enlisted under the UNESCO World Heritage but also because of its historic importance which hails from some 417 years back.

Thailand is an off-beaten tourist ectasia which deserves to be explored and enjoyed; a place that loved and adored by all age groups; teens and oldies alike. So, pack your bags with sunscreens, goggles, and flip-flops and out you go to experience one of the best places on Earth.

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