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Here are 5 Historical War facts that will make your brain dance!

War interests all, but it has some facts which you just can’t imagine. Here are 5 facts that you should absolutely know –

1. William Hitler, Nephew of Adolf Hitler, served in the US Navy during World War II. Shocking, but true!

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2. The Brave Napoleon Bonaparte in 1807, during a rabbit hunting trip, got attacked by rabbits! Now, this is what we call – Hunter turned to Prey!

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3. The longest war was NOT bloody! It was between Netherlands and Isles of Scilly which lasted for 335 years, 1651 to 1986; had no casualties. Now, this is the kind of war we like!

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4. Anglo- Zanzibar war in 1896 lasted only for 38 minutes! The shortest war ever recorded!

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5. Russian dogs were trained to attack German soldiers with bombs tied to them. But unfortunately, in all the hustle, they got scared and hid under Russian tanks. Result – They blew up the Russian tanks.

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If you have any more war story, fell free to share below!

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