Privacy and Policy

Privacy Policy

PiquantFeed is here with the privacy policy of the users. We value our users and their privacy along with PiquantFeed’s privacy. To maintain a healthy relation and user advantage of having a proper access, here are few guidelines for you to read and keep yourself updated.

Note PiquantFeed is a content posting forum including audio and video. We do not rent, sell or share information of users with other clients/ Company; unless it involves legal matter. We also expect our users to follow the policy and rule of not transferring information and publish of PiquantFeed without our team’s consent.

Collectionand usage of information:

We do collect information of our users, clients, and customers for a better service experience. All the basic information are saved from the registration procedure.

We also use Google Analytics to track user activity and their liking or choices to provide with better reading suggestions.

Auto Data Collection

PiquantFeed has high-tech features with which we constantly collect information of th euser. This helps in delivering contents specific to the user. Using this data, we also create sites to serve needs of our clients. Our site uses cookies that are store don the hard drive of the user, and that is shared with us. Also, pixels like GIF stores data which are accessible to us.

Information we generally collect

PiquantFeed gets hold of the name, location, IP addresses, IP location, mail id, search history, etc. We use this data specifically for login, system analysis, internal security audit log, system administration, statistics and trend analysis.

Note PiquantFeed and our affiliates can use this data abiding by the privacy policy. None of the information is evaluated or aggregated at a basic level.

To avoid sharing these details

If you are not comfortable to share all these details, then you need to ‘opt – out.’This happens in two manners –

  1. By disabling Cookie
  2. Sending a mail to PiquantFeed customer service.

We will take a note of it and take further actions upon your request. For opt – out service, there is a small option below the page. Once you click there, we will take all required steps to prevent you from using this.

To whom we offer your information

Every user possesses the right to know with whom their personal information is being shared. When we have co-relation or merge with other companies, we are to share a part of user information to them. This builds a better link, and they can use it to send you further useful publishes.

Scenarios when PiquantFeed share information

The reason why PinquantFeed shares information is that, we believe in taking necessary steps to prevent fraud, take investigating action, identify potential threats, the safety of another person and to follow law. Under all these circumstances, we will share your data with the required authority.

Any user who is registered to our site does not have the right to prevent sharing this information. For the best experience, users are requested not to indulge into any uncanny activity.

PinquantFeed also has the right to use provider’s information and data for personalizing their online experience. We involve third party user to provide links, web content, video, audio, products, and services. Sponsors, affiants, and advertisements are related to our site. If the user wants to know about third party working terms, they are requested to visit their respective pages and learn about the privacy policy.

NotePinquantFeed does not hold the responsibility of any third party. The user has to deal with any other third party site/ company following their terms and user agreement. Any loss or damage that might incur to th euser will not be under our accountability.

Conclusion –

Here are the following times (precisely) when we use your information –

  • To provide user with a better service that they have requested for
  • It is our duty to inform about updates and offers
  • We are to personalize flashing advertisement to user as per their need

To Notify –

PinquantFeed has all the right to alter our privacy policy as per convenience. We have a ‘no questions asked’ policy and are not liable or answerable to users. To stay updated with the latest privacy policy, keep checking.