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8 sexist and really humiliating Punishment in the pages of History that will leave you with your jaws open!

Craziness has a special place in history! This is a fact. From time to time, rulers came up with some really Crazy punishments that we cannot even imagine now! You think Gore is worst? No, these people had more to do. Sexist punishments were a thing back then and honestly if you won’t die because of pain, humiliation was a good enough weapon.

Imagine the worse, but these punishments will beat your imagination. So, welcome the ‘Mad King’ and start reading about the weird chastisements people had to face.

  1. Rapist turned to Husband!

This was a humiliation not for the rapist but for the victim if you see! The oldest law code is Sumerian Law code which turned entirely Topsy-turvy from 1800 BC. If a man rapes a woman and is guilty, instead of punishment, he was to apologize and ask the lady’s hand in marriage.

Really! What were they thinking????

  1. Stripping off Colors!

If you made a mistake during the middle ages, the Catholic churches had their own way of condemning. The offender was not allowed to wear colorful clothes. Rather, white sheets were given to them for covering their body.

So, wearing white + begging for mercy = Cleansing soul!

  1. Stop Talking!

How many times have you said this to your wife/ girlfriend? But Romans had their own way of dealing with their gossipy wives. There were bridles for women to wear to keep their mouth shut!

  1. Hoe Badge

In Europe during the medieval period, women who were into prostitution had to wear yellow badges. Later, to escalate the humiliation, they also wore a choker.

So, fashion always does not follow the trend, there is some history too!

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