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Amazing love stories which are immortal in the pages of History | Which one do you share with your partner?

Amazing Love Stories

From time to time, history has stood for love and memorialized it in the pages of eternity. A man to woman and their vows of truth to togetherness is what keeps the word of love alive in this time. There are 8 mesmerizing, ‘Heart-Ful’ love stories which are still the world’s favorite. Read about the best-spoken bonds here.

May your love bloom as a boon!   

Cleopatra and Anthony

Marcus Antonius and the regal beauty Cleopatra VII, even after 2000 years is still a hit couple. Antony, the Hero and the world famous beauty were in love with each other for 11 long years until the terrible misfortune befell on them. Anthony committed suicide on hearing the false death news of Cleopatra. Later when Octavian Caesar went to Egypt during 41 BC, Cleopatra killed herself by taking asp bite!

Now, this is some poisonous love story!

Mumtaz and Shah Jahan

Mumtaz Mahal was so beloved to Shah Jahan that his world was literally surrounding her. As Mumtaz Mahal died while giving birth to the 14th child, Shah Jahan showed the world how much he loved his wife. Hence, we have Taj Mahal.

And I am still nagging for a villa!

Paris and Helena

Most of the world’s famous wars were fought for a Woman. Helena deserved it all. With a beauty which had no match, she was though the wife of Spartan king Menelaus; she fell in love with Paris. And the rest is a war-ful history of love! Helen of des – TROY!

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