User Agreement

User Agreement

PiquantFeed welcomes you here. Before you are a part of PiquantFeed family, we request you to read the Terms of Use. Once you click ‘okay’ to our User Agreement, we will be glad to have you with us. After this, you are bound to abide by our terms and conditions. PiquantFeed also reserves the right to change these terms and conditions anytime as per our convenience. You can stay up to date by viewing the User Agreement page at

  1. Discontinuity

1.1 We have the right to discontinue our site at anytime.

1.2 Our team holds the absolute right to terminate any user at anytime if there is any mishap.

1.3 PiquantFeed is not answerable or liable to you / any third party. We can do this anytime as per our convenience.

  1. Sole right to alter our website

All the publishes in PiquantFeed is under this law, and anyone who is having access to this website must abide by these terms.

2.1 PiquantFeed is subjected to copyright laws of the United States and other countries.

2.2 We hold the complete right to change anything on the site as per our convenience.

2.3 You/ any third party do not have the right to copy content from our website.

2.4 All individual audio, video, written files and everything that we upload is copyright protected.

2.5It is important to stay up to date with all of our copyright notices and other rights to reserve your work.

Any content that you/ third party uploads need to follow the rule of copyright along with more aspects.

2.6 In case you give any content here, we have solemn right to do the needful changes.

2.7 Once you affiliate to our site, you are giving us the right to use your content on any of our related/ non-related platforms.

2.8 Every content you submit is completely your responsibility, and you are doing it willfully.

2.9 You must have a consent of agreement that each and every person who is related to the content submission should abide by all the terms and condition of our company.

2.10 There should not be any published/ facts/ statement/ attachment in the file that can damage our reputation.

2.11 Submission of unlawful content, video (such as pornographic content), religious issues, hateful comments or any of these is a criminal offense.

2.12 Our team can use these contents for advertisement and promotion.

2.13 We have the right to discard, remove or not publish any of the content as per our will.

2.14 There will be no prior notice given before any of our team’s act or decision.

  1. Restriction on use of content

All the contents that we upload on our site are/ will be completely under our control. There is no way that one can use these contents without the consent of PiquantFeed affiliates. If you/ any third party does so, they lose the right to have continuous access to our site.

3.1 Without permission, any third party who is registered with us or not, has no right to use any of PiquantFeed contents.

3.2 No one should enter into a database, reproduce, publish or copy any or transmit any of the work that is there in the last sentence of this section.

3.3 None of the contents can be posted on any social media platform without permission.

3.4 One can get a print of the content, but it should be for personal use only.

3.5 PiquantFeed respects the right to fair use of these articles by visitors.

3.6 No one is allowed to use these contents to make any kind of database.

3.7 Our team is concerned about the integrity of PiquantFeed and people related with this.

3.8 Any other material or advertisement is not to be displayed with the content of our site.

  1. Expression of opinion

People have right to an opinion that does not harm or hurt others. In case any content, video, audio or other media publishes hurt social or community sentiments, it is solely upon the writer. PiquantFeed is not liable to keep an eye on all and every user.

4.1 Any opinion that is put on contents is the specific opinion of the third parties, not of PiquantFeed.

4.2 No endorsement or completion of any article is guaranteed.

4.3 PiquantFeed does not have any obligation related to their content.

4.4 Our team does not undertake the task to monitor any content due to its explicitly or unlawfulness.

4.5 We have the right to block any user at any time if we find anything inappropriate going on.

  1. Violation of these terms and conditions

All the users are asked to read and then agree to this user agreement to avoid any future problem. In case, any of them violate the policy of PiquantFeed; they are liable to face certain legal consequences.

5.1 PiquantFeed and its affiliates can press charges against user if they are caught violating these terms.

5.2 Causing any breach by the third party will be blocked instantly.

5.3 We are not to check on comments and conversation.

5.4 Any party willing to take up the content and publishes to use it as evidence cannot include the name and reputation of PiquantFeed.

  1. We don’t hold responsibility for linked sites

If there are other links and website attached to our publishes, we don’t hold responsibility for that. It is not a PiquantFeed team to look for moral/ social/ cultural appropriateness.

6.1 We don’t hold responsibility for other linked sites and services on our page.

6.2 Our site does not endorse, promote or market any service/ brand.

6.3 Without prior consent, no one is to link PiquantFeed to their personal/ public site or social network.

  1. Disclose of information

We are legally subjugated to disclose certain information of our users/ third part of our knowledge to legal authorities. Under certain conditions, there needs to be a transparency of private information registered on our site.

7.1 To government agency and law enforcement, we are to submit the information.

7.2 We may disclose your IP address, name, user id, IP location, etc.

  1. We have limited liability to offer

There is not much we are to offer to users, apart from a good reading experience.

8.1 If there is restriction charge, we are not liable to refund it.

8.2 Any dispute will be governed by the central law and jurisdiction.

8.3 There are certain disclaimers in our site which the user needs to follow.

Hope to offer you a better reading experience!