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Here on, there will be disclaimers of few sections which are extremely important to maintain a healthy and user-friendly experience.


The online community is not responsible for any sort of content published. It is expected from the user not to rely on any statement that they see on PiquantFeed without taking a note of the specialists’ takes. None of the publish has any specific intention or particular purpose of publishing against a person/ community.

We cannot take guarantee or warranty of any publishes on the website. This includes pictures, videos, audio, writing, etc.

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Users can access other sites which are linked to our page without any problem.

We are also not liable for the following purpose –

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Third Party Involvement

If there is any third affiliate to our site which is an advertising company; it is not our liability. If you are to make any complaint against them, make sure you do it to their liable person/ team/ site.

  • You can visit another website from our site
  • The hyperlinks may be or may not be our page
  • We have no command on other Hence, it is at your own risk
  • If you want to register/ join/ share/ add another site, feel free to do so

Submitting Content

PiquantFeed welcomes the user to post their work on our platform with prior permission. You can do so by following these terms –

  • Any material/ content that you are giving to us must be fresh, and you cannot give the same to any other commercial place.
  • We can make any changes/ addition/ omission of content as per our wish.
  • You are to give in the declaration that any content you submit will be completely ours.
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  • There should not be any spamming to target any party or make a deliberate attempt to hurt someone/ community/ organization.
  • We have the right to remove any user if there is a sense of mishap.

Submission of Graphic Material

Before submitting any graphic content, these are the rules to abide by –

  • There should be a proper check before submitting any graphic
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  • We have the absolute right to cut/ edit any content
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PiquantFeed will not compensate for any damage/ loss of the revenue, image, etc. We have no intention of hurting anyone, but being a public site, we hold no control on other sites and user.


To ensure maximum safety, here are the things we offer –

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Your safety is our priority. Read and follow the privacy policy of PiquantFeed thoroughly.

Law and Jurisdiction

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