Who are we?

PiquantFeed is a budding platform which has a perfect media presence to grab the most attention. We feature National – International stories with exact facts that you need to know. Our main focus is to spread the useful and recent happenings to our readers for a better experience. We have a team of exclusive and expert writers who are willing to make sure that everything they do is simply out of the box.

“Being the best makes you number 1, but being unique makes you the only one! We choose to be Unique” – Creative Head Speaks.

How do we work?

Before we started channelizing the news-full categories, our marketing team did a thorough analysis. The news and posts we put up are mostly based on reader’s perspective. After spending decades in this industry, PiquantFeed came up as a brainchild of creative heads who knew the art of merging crafty words with theperfect news.

The Internet is a funny place if you see closely. It is that waterfall which is shedding empty contents and stories on people while drowning the more interesting ones! PiquantFeed is here to focus on more categories and options; so that, readers can make a choice of their own interest.

With a promising presence, we can offer you entertainment, history, science, health, lifestyle, fashion, celebrities and many more talks. Being an open platform of interaction with readers, they can comment freely as our team is eagerly waiting to have a good word with them.

What do we think?

“We don’t wear political color; we don’t judge gender, we don’t agree to clichés!”

What makes PiquantFeed unique is our ideology and way of working. We don’t believe in politicizing thoughts and opinion just to make an easier way. Rather, our belief lies in respect. We choose to respect everyone’s choice and stand strong against what is wrong.

‘Stereotyping is wrong and wrong is not relative!’ – CEO speaks.

We also give a chance to new aspiring people to come up with their stories and skills. Our work as a media master is to upload things that will make media a better place for readers!

Why pitch us?

More than small talks, actual news speaks. If you want to treat your senses with pieces of ‘un-phoney’ posts, then PiquantFeed is your thing! Get latest updates and fill your newsfeed with good reading. Here are few things about our posts –

  • We’ll surprise you!

Each of our news has elements that are new!

  • We write meaningful things

If the post makes this world a bit better, what’s the harm in it?

  • Better Visual impact

Pictures and videos make it more impactful to read.

  • Share It!

Any good read is worth sharing among people!

Hope to get a reply from you soon!

  • Team PiquantFeed