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Dogs are traveling in bags after the NYC Subway Big Dogs Ban! But how can it affect you?

Dogs in Bags

Finally, on October 2016, to raging protests over social media, NYC banned those dogs from traveling in its subways who can’t fit in a bag. This means when you are going for that all-important family visit or a Sunday brunch, you will have to take a taxi or cancel the whole plan. You simply cannot leave your Lab or German Shepherd behind as they are the most important and loved members of your family.

The authorities said you can’t carry dogs that do not fit in a bag. But they didn’t say that you can’t fit your big friend in a bag. So, New Yorkers are now improvising and carrying their dogs in bags where they hardly fit. The whole scene is super funny. But can all these affect you, a non-dog carrier? Find out!

The ticket queue

Say you enter the subway and approach the queue for a ticket. The person in front of you is wearing a backpack with a dog’s head and two paws popping out. Well, won’t it be hard to keep your focus and concentrate at the work at hand? You cannot mind a gleeful stare or a few licks here and there.

While traveling

You have a sit and probably thinking about the fluctuations the stock market is showing. Suddenly you find a canine giving you a hard stare from a man’s side bag. Probably it didn’t like the breakfast it had or is super uncomfy. Hence, the stare. Stocks go out of the window,and you may even start sweating. Will the dog jump out now?

Getting off

Your station has come and you will get off. Suddenly you find a pull to your pants. You look down and see a dog, protruding out of a trolley bag, has just found your fabric quite tasty. The owner did take notice of it and immediately took action. Maybe your trouser is intact as well. But how can you blame the poor fellow traveling like that!

Leaving the station

You missed your breakfast in the rush and bought a hot dog. You put in your favorite sauce and even a few extra add-ons. The magazine rack caught your eye and you stoop down to pick up one from the bottom-most shelf. Now, you had to hold your hot dog up. When to return to give it a bite, you find that someone has already done it for you. You look around to see a dog, hanging from a man’s bag, licking the mustard off its nose. Well, it did have access to free food.

In Reality

Well, no one knows if any of these have actually happened, but if it does, things will not be a bit surprising. Big Dogs traveling in bags is funny by itself, but human interaction of this kind will certainly turn things into hilarious moments. We all deserve a bit of fun in our life. Laugh and spread the word. Keep everyone posted if you do find a few of these happening in the NYC Subway.

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