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Emotional Eating – Major Reason Behind Obesity

Emotional Eating
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The habit of eating even if someone is not at all hungry is known as emotional eating. People eat emotionally when they are stressed, feeling anxiety or boredom. People prefer eating something in order to avoid boredom or to distract them from stress or anxiety feeling. They certainly get relief for some time but unintentionally they cause long term health problems for them.

Emotional eating is among the most popular reasons behind increasing weight and obesity. It also stops successful weight loss. Especially teenagers and housewife face this problem. However, the emotional eating factor is also there with working professionals who often eat junk food or other calorie rich instant eatables.

How To Stop Emotional Eating

In order to stop emotional eating, people first need to identify the reason which drives them for this bad habit of emotional eating. It may be any common mental state like boredom, loneliness, sadness, guilt, frustration, or low self-esteem. Once the reason is known, it will be easier for people to deal with them.

Going for a strict weight loss program and exercising hard to reduce weight (caused by emotional eating) is not an ideal way to deal with this problem. Starving yourself to balance the extra intake of calories should also be avoided. So, what is the ideal way to deal with problem of emotional eating?

Finding out the exact reason and resolving them is the best way to stop habit of emotional eating. Depending upon the reason there are several ways to resolve that problem. Following tips can help people in dealing with their habit of emotional eating:

  1. If you are feeling loneliness and want something to pass your time, then listen music to soothe your mood or put some ideal tracks for dancing and dance on the tunes of your favorite music. Dancing is a great exercise in itself. That means it will provide dual benefits (exercising benefits and removing the habit of overeating) to your body.
  2. In case if you are feeling stressed, try going for a walk in a park of your area or go for swimming. It will help in removing stress as well as stop you from emotional eating. A great way to deal with stress is Yoga and Meditation. Nothing can be the best way to deal with stress and anxiety than practicing yoga.
  3. Calling a loved one can also provide relief to people facing boredom or loneliness. By speaking to your loved ones you will feel good and relaxed.

Aforementioned tips are simple and easily adoptable. So, if you are facing the problem of increasing weight caused by emotional eating, these tips will do wonders.

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