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Enter the new era of tattoo and control your smartphone with it! The Future of Bioelectric tattoos!

The future is here! Evolving from ‘blunt, black, not so perfect tattoos’ to a trending style and expression; tattoos have a long way to go. It is basically from ‘Taboo Tattoo to Tech tattoos’ – this is an amazing thing that has happened to all ink lovers.

Checkout how the future is now living in the tattoos!

LED Tattoos

“Lights will guide you home…” Not only to home but everywhere. Taking the concept of adding Bling to a whole new level! With tiny silicon conductors of 1 millimeter and thickness of 250 nanometers; these amazing tattoos will glow!

These have magnetic illuminations that require a source or charge, and the batteries are rechargeable. LED tattoos are safe as there is no harmful material/ chemical like mercury. An amazing happening occurs after placing the magnets. 5 LEDs start blinking and then rest after 10 seconds!

Note – The only way to remove this tattoo is by surgical process. So, you better think before ink!

Color changes with your health

Gone are those days when you were to carry medical testing instruments for a quick check up! Now, your skin will tell the tale of your health. There are small biosensors inside the tattoo which can sense many blood-related issues.

Firstly, when your blood sugar rises, there is no need of pricking your finger for a blood test; rather, you will see that the glucose sensing blue ink turns brown.

Purple changes to pink, detecting the PH level in the body.

Finally, sodium ink gets more vibrant green which you can easily detect under UV lights.

Now, you can roam around freely while constantly monitoring your health issues. Kudos to MIT and Harvard!

Wear your smartphone

Connecting… This has now literally happened all the time. You can stay connected with your smartphone via your tattoo. Sounds cool? It really is! The control of your phone is now not only in fingers but knuckles and freckles too! These are ultra thin electronic tattoos, turning body marks into sensory buttons.

So, change the volume of your phone just with a finger, or just give a squeeze to your freckle and answer a call! Though these are temporary, you can hardly tell the difference.The best part is, you can also get tattoos which are in shape of your favorite phone icons.

You can use these digital tattoos (3D printed and permanent),which are to unlock your phone and other smart digital devices. This tattoo-logy is still at a developing level, but there are high hopes for these.

Wear them on and get magical control over your phone!

Ephemeral Tattoos

For some people, things can turn easily monotonous and same for their tattoos. But, no problem anymore! You can be easy – breezy with your tattoo without worrying about it to stay lifelong!This new tech tattoos with Ephemeral Ink lasts for exactly 1 year.

So, you don’t have to wake up and see the same tattoo all throughout your life. Don’t let anything bore your skin!

Flaunt your tattoo well and be more creative with it. Go INK!

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