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Now staying glued to videos is a therapy! You can fight stress and have a good day of relief

How many of you have been directed by others not to watch too many videos or involve into digital entertainment? There will be a unanimous yes from several people. But the table has turned now! Recently as per studies, it is now clear that watching videos can help you release stress. *Cheers*

The stress level is increasing with time. Be it adults or children; there are some or other pressure that are overburdening their mental state. But watching videos can activate your sensory nerves and make you forget about the stress. But what you have to do is make a proper choice of the video. This is where you require help. So, here you will find a list that suggests some good videos for you.

Meditation videos

Sounds boring, but it is not! It will help you to calm you and teach techniques to manage anger. After a long, tedious day, this is certainly something fresh to look for. Also, try along with the video; it can teach you a lot.

Travel videos

If not physically, at least you can travel in your imagination. After all, there is no limit in your mind, and you can go anywhere. And for sure you know that traveling is a brilliant stress buster!

Rescuing animals

Hope is what keeps us alive! True and these videos subconsciously trigger hope in your mind. So, you can simply shun the stressful thoughts for a while and enjoy a better day.

Also, if you get a chance, do help one in need! Just makes you feel better!

Stand-up comedy

Comic relief is certainly a good reliever! They talk about practical things that we don’t take much notice of. And who doesn’t like practical jokes??

Marine Videos

Water and waves have an amazing calming effect on your brain. You can simply drown in the serenity and overpower all the stressful thoughts. Try it, really helps!

Myths and mythology

Who doesn’t like it? After all, we all grew up listening to these. But now as grownups, there are other sides that we can connect to more. There are facts that will simply blow your mind.

Helena will never fail to impress you!


This is nothing less than a breeze of fresh air! Reliving your childhood, yet the cartoons will awestruck you! From Jonny Bravo, Dexter Laboratory, Power Puff girls to Tom and Jerry; the choice is all yours!

Music videos

Good music is all you need to calm your stress, and the additional advantage lies in the visual. Connect with the lyrics and placing yourself in the virtual timeline of the video can kill stress in no time.


Do It Yourself! Unleash your creative side, learn few tricks and try them out. The more you engage in these works, the better you will feel about yourself. The best part it; most of the DIY gives you some really useful tricks that are very helpful in practical life. So, build a house or make a mark; everything is just so perfect

Video games

Yes, you should play at least an hour of video game daily. It releases sufficient amount of adrenaline to fight against stress. But too much of video game is again not good!

So, it is on you to decide what you want to do. Sit and suffer under stress or watch videos and have fun!

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