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Mind-Boggling Facts about Heath Ledger We Bet You Didn’t Know

It is no doubt that Joker’s our favorite and most loved Psychopath, and in spite of all is deranged mind games, he is one of the most craved characters in the history of the comic. Besides being insanely cruel, he is ripping as well. Joker is arguably one of the best movie characters that have touched most hearts, but here is a stock up on few of the facts that you might love to know about.

Heath wished to be the Batman

Heath Ledger in Batman

During the entire phase of the audition, Heath wished strongly to become the Batman, and though the producers though in the same direction, they had personally let him aware that they won’t be going with him, even though they had allowed him for an audition.

He is the first actor to bag the Oscar for playing a villain

Heath Ledger Joker Character

Though it’s a well known fact in the film industry that if you are on the lookout for Oscars then you should probably never make superhero movies, as the judges in the Academy awards rule out such genre of movies when holding out Oscars, so Heath Ledger bagging the same in the 81st Academy Awards after having played the villain got all eyebrows up for good.

He isolated himself

Heath Ledger oscar

Heath went to good lengths to get into the true depths of the character. The Joker’s character was all about being crazy and an isolated being, and thus Heath locked himself up for a good span of 43 days to sink totally into the character.

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