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New Adoption Policy Will Now Grant Single Women Over 40, to Adopt Children

Sushmita Sen With Her 2 Adopted Daughters
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It’s about two decades since Sushmita Sen, one of the most inspirational and powerful women adopted her daughter Renee. While the move was nothing short of a daredevil act, it wasn’t a cinch to be able to lead a good healthy life post her adoption. Known for her piercing words that spur courage amidst women, Sushmita Sen alike any women, who decide to adopt a child, underwent a myriad of legal issues that triggered owing to the ‘single status’. But with more and more failed marriages, divorce rates at its peak, and in the age of ‘no strings attached’ relationships, the system could finally give their approval nod on the adoption policy by single women in her 40 ’s.

This much-needed change was direly wished upon by those who could no longer keep up with the gaping wounds, or bruised marks left by marriage, by the ones who didn’t feel the desperation to enter the institution of marriage and wished to live life on her own terms sans being told what to do, by the ones gasping to become a mother in her later years of single hood sans a man. Single women have forever being shunned by the society’s acceptable conditions of validating a woman’s identity solely through marriage; they have forever been the victim of awkward and unwanted questions on their ‘uncanny’ choice of facing the world alone. Not only harassed with tons of mockery but are even lampooned over at the workplaces as mere spinsters who lack a good and healthy family life and thus fails to understand the value of the same in the social upfront, thus becoming a tad too frustrated personally.

Child adoption policy
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No matter how doubly you strive hard at work sectors, you always get labeled as ‘cranky’ and fall into the ridiculed group of failing to understand the importance of work-life balance. This decision and proposal doled out by Maneka Gandhi’s Ministry of Women and Child Development is nothing less than a blessing to all those single women out there, that have been failed by the society; the ones who were always looked down upon with pity and loathing, the ones who were barred and denied access in many apartments and hotels, the ones who faced huge amount of scorn and deride on failing in marriages, the ones who faltered in procreating due to medical and gynecological issues.

Maneka Gandhi played the role of a Messiah when she expressed her decision and proposal of legalizing adoption for single women. The adoption would be done, keeping the interest of the child in mind. The adoption would further be processed only when and if the concerned women are financially strong and stable enough. A slap to the world that feels marriage is the only thing that harbingers completion, this adoption policy would feed the world with much hopes, and a plethora of perspectives that needs to be brought forward, for the sake of those single woman who is independent, strong, peaceful, enough to deal the world alone.

With such a huge change put into the foray, it is hopeful that more and more single women, professionally and financially secure, would now be able to come forward and take up charge on the world and shun those who try ganging up against those and deride them as sinners.