Roadies fame Raghu Ram decides to throw a ‘divorce party’ post his divorce with Sugandha Garg, this year

Raghu Ram and Sugandha Garg

Marriage has never been stigmatized as something ‘disastrous’, ‘pernicious’ and an all-time complicated affair, that involves two souls hauling from two different worlds to make peace with compromise and adjustments. The society is ever so springy, in loading necessities revolving marriage followed by the sense of validation it brings about to men and woman at alike, into minds of youngsters.

While society never refrains from forcing marriage down the throats of some, there are few out there who cannot simply stop rambling about the life they’d get upon tying the knot with the one they lost their heart to, only to dole out pure cynicism, when the marriage fails to work out. Something similar happened with Roadies hyped Raghu Ram called it a split with her once beloved- Sugandha Garg. Both had been wooing the audience since long, and have set serious relationship goals for many. But what broke us apart, is the news that they won’t be seen together anymore as couples.

Kickstarting the journey as good friends with Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na star Sugandha, the both had promised to be so even if their relationship doesn’t work out well. To what they said in a casual manner, is all set to happen in real life, that too post almost a decade of staying together. Raghu was heard saying, that they both spend most time away from each other than together, upon asked the reason for divorce. But while most of us wouldn’t be taken aback by the news of divorce, considering the increased statistics of the same, in India, what got us bewildered is when Raghu talked of throwing a ‘divorce party’, once the formalities are done and dusted.

Raghu is famed for being too ‘blustery’ and is known to swear cuss words on Roadies, which had fetched so much publicity to the show, in return. But what couldn’t be taken on a lighter term, or couldn’t be laughed off, is the ‘sexist impulse’ which urged him to throw a celebration over something that ‘paralyzed’ over the years. Surely, marriage isn’t to be taken a sacrificial affair, but then, to throw a party, no matter how bitter the reason might have been, is a giant insult to his ‘ex-spouse’ whom he had been living with, since 10 years. To celebrate over divorce parallels  exorbitant ridicule and insult, to the one wife been by your side through thick and thin, the one who did hold on to you as for strength and power, the one you did call your ‘own’, the one whom you could confide upon, the one who shared your bed, the one who wiped your tears and dealt your atrocities…the one who was your family.

We have advanced over the years, too much, in a way, so as to now abandon emotions and feelings. To have to live with the one whom you’re having issues is not strange it unlikely, but what would get anybody put on their thinking that would be his nasty decision over himself, his wife and the deep-rooted they once shared sans second thoughts.

While, it’s always the best option to step aside from a life, when it’s not working out well, wear is never acceptable it justifiable is something as foolish as this: which not only would stoop his image low, but the same thing would befall on his ex-spouse and the ‘love’, thus adding more to the term’s misunderstanding.