Some of the most unusual sports around the world| Believe it or not – these actually exist!

Human beings are just animals with a bigger brain full of intellect and imagination. But sometimes the latter takes over.

Otherwise, nothing can explain how these sports come to be in the first place. Before you go on, here’s a reminder, watch out for number 10.

Most Unusual Sports around the World! : –

  1. Ba-Taoshi –

Imagine a flag in the middle of a large enough field and about 150 Japs huddling around or doing something around it. This is Ba-Taoshi for you! 2 groups of 75 (Yeah, 75!) play. One group’s the attacker the other’s the defender. The idea is to try and take that flag. Tilting it to a 45-degree angle is enough for victory. Why? Ask the Majors at the National Defense Academy of Japan who play this game!

  1. Buzkashi –

This is Afghanistan’s national sports and if you know Rambo, you know what this sport is all about. Literally translating as ‘goat-pulling’ in Persian, men on horses need to put a headless carcass of a goat in a goal. Easy as it sounds, there are quite a few men trying to do the same thing. Think about the Persian for a moment and you’ll get the idea. Or just watch Rambo III again!

  1. Sepak Takraw –

Think volleyball except you can’t use your hands. You might be thinking about Rooney’s bicycle against Manchester City. If you are, you’re on the right track. Except this native South-East Asian game is popular across Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines with different names is all about some crazy acrobatic ball controls which can put the best-paid soccer players to shame!

  1. Tuna Tossing –

As if catching a big one isn’t hard enough! Hit Port Lincoln, South Australia the right time of the year but just watch out for a flying Tuna. Fondly known as the Tunarama Festival, people are throwing big juicy tunas since 1979. (Don’t start thinking why. Refer to the intro section for a probably valid idea.)

  1. Wife Carrying –

Holy ….. ! Matrimony might do well actually but just here. How would you like to carry a married woman on your shoulders through an obstacle course? (Someone else might do with rules clearly stating contestants should be above 17. And ends right there.) Eukotanko as it’s known and popularly in Finland, there are several other rules, it’s actually a World Championships. To motivate you, you can win your wife’s weight in beer. (The Fins are smart!)

  1. Blind Soccer –

Who doesn’t love soccer, a few dribbles and dodges, teamwork, offside traps, formations, blind-folds ….. If you haven’t played this you need to right now. Although this is a Paralympic sport, there are many who try it for the fun of it. (Or maybe they’re just too poor at soccer with their eyes open.)

  1. Quidditch –

No flying broomsticks but it’s just as fun. As a matter of fact, it’s an adaptation except it’s from the other way around. Players do have a broom sticking just as the adaptation (An example of our imaginative powers all over again!) and there are 7 on either side.

The same rules apply, someone even wears the snitch! It’s actively growing and the best tech companies are actually trying to come up with flying broomsticks for this sports!

Note for the Reader – Everything except the section right above this one is true. Oh and one more thing. Don’t try these at home!

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