Terrorist Threats for the Amarnath Yatra

Terrorist Threats for the Amarnath Yatra
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Amarnath, a religious spot for the people of India and the world, was closed for a day due to the death anniversary of Hizb commander Burhan Wani. The security officials declared that the Yatra had to be suspended for Saturday, July 8th, due to security and protection reasons. The Yatra is generally of 40 days and the one which is ongoing had started on June 29th and would supposedly end on August 7th, the day of Shravan Purnima, which is also coinciding with Raksha Bandhan. Over the past years, it has been estimated that over 2 lakh pilgrims have visited the shrine located in Pahalgam for worshiping Lord Shiva.Amarnath Caves is mostly visited to witness the stalagmite formation that resembles Shiva Linga. It is believed to be the spot where Lord Shiva spoke to Parvati about life and eternity.

This year’s Amarnath Pilgrimage has many things in store. Amarnath boasts of India’s longest tunnel, the Chanani-Nashri Tunnel which was inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on April 2nd. and passing through it is an immense adventure. The drones are always there to help the pilgrims and check on them throughout the journey.

People visit Amarnath to witness the stalagmite formation that looks like the Shiva Linga and is believed to be Shiva’s way of visiting Earth. Also, it is thought that God is always present in the most inaccessible areas which ordinary people might have trouble in going. Lakhs of people journey up the mountain to get a glimpse of the Shiva Linga that is worshiped as a symbol of God and people strain their legs to finally see the ice formation.

Due to the constant unruly attacks in Kashmir and the threats that the Indian Government is being posed with, has led to a little change in the Amarnath journey. Though it has not closed completely, security forces have been upgraded such as setting up jammers and satellite tracking systems to keep an eye on the activities of the pilgrims. Drones have also been set up at different parts of the journey to assist the pilgrims and are prepared for any uncalled for terrorist attack. The Base Camps of the Yatra are also being thoroughly scrutinized to keep the pilgrims completely safe and hassle free.

SN Shrivastava, the Special Director General of CRPF, added, “This Amarnath yatra will have the highest-ever security setup,” He showed confidence in the police and all the people working behind the security forces in order to maintain peace and stability.

The police said that 35000 troops of police have been put on duty for this yatra since it still possesses a threat. The Army, BSF, and CRPF have taken the charge and are quite determined to carry out the orders without any hindrance.

The center has provided as many as 250 paramilitary forces for the two routes which are the traditional 46 km from Pahalgam in Anantnag district and the shorter 14 km Baltal track in Ganderbal district, which RajneshAhlawat as incharge of the Jawahar tunnel. Anti-Terror Quick Reaction Teams and Mountain Rescue Teams have also been posted in various parts to demolish terrorism if it happens to spread its wings all of a sudden.

The pilgrims are keeping faith on the police and more than 1 lakh pilgrims of this Yatra have already successfully visited the Shiva Linga.

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