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Villagers Kill Pregnant Python over Mere Assumptions, Shows Yet another Dark Side of ‘Humankind’

Green Tree Python

How easily we love plunging into conclusions without investing much thoughts and time into it, and how easily time and again we humans have proved ourselves as ‘mere monsters’ to innocent animals who mean no harm us. To what put most of us into extreme agony and contemplation is that how we grow insanely devilish at times and that how we obtain this atrocious audacity to take someone’s life sans caring too much about it. And a similar display of extreme dark and loathsome sin happened in a small a small hamlet in Nigeria, when a bunch of villagers killed a poor pregnant python taking its big belly to be a result of eating up one of the calves in their livestock.

Snakes might be venomous but little does most know that they have a good side to them too, that they too deserve to live. The villagers were so knee-deep into thoughts of killing the poor creature that they didn’t for at once realize that the swollen stomach might be the result of her pregnancy and not gobble up a calf.

The whole realization of the python being pregnant struck their mind and warped them in guilt and regret only when they cut it open with a hope to find the dead calf inside, but what they found and saw post slitting it’s stomach not only got speechless but held them accountable for a murder over a hasty judgment. The moment they cut its stomach, they found it full of fertilized eggs.

The massive python took its entry to the village and had most of the villagers in shock, given the size it had. Pythons are known to swallow up cows, and thus it had the villagers riled up when they imagined what great threats it can possess if allowed to roam around free. And they didn’t leave any chance slipping out of the hands when they found the calf missing, they had immediately made up their minds and ganged up to get it killed.

What saddens us and gives us a meltdown is that the mother python had her eggs fertilized and was about to lay them, but couldn’t find a suitable or safe place for it. A python is capable of laying as many as 100 eggs, and the villagers were taken aback to find the same amount when they cut it open.

This incident is yet another proof of how ungodly we have become, how swiftly we are inching close to dwell and rot in hell, how we care a fig about innocents being killed over nothing, how animals no more pose any threat to humans but the vice versa, how we are so desperate in displaying our ‘heroism’ over creatures that cannot speak up or hold protests for losing out to unnatural and gory death, how we are so rife with violence since childhood when hitting and thrashing someone of our age is no more than ‘kidding’.

The time we put an end to all such unforgivable violence and unnecessary killings as part of presumptions and fun.

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