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If you’re looking for a job already then try yourself for the Royals at the Kensington Palace, Britain’s Prince William, his wife, Kate and his brother, Harry. They have recently posted on LinkedIn that they require a Senior Communications Officer who would have to “manage the daily news flow to…traditional, digital and social media.”

They have listed the work details as someone who is willing to support the work of TRH The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and HRH Prince Henry of Wales laying special focus on the Royal Foundations. They are hiring the Officer for regulating the daily news flow of the Royal Foundations both proactively and reactively in order to convey proper and right news and reports to the general mass through digital and social media. They have also listed in the post that the Senior Communication Officer would also be required to carry out important research work for special projects and provide astrategic and tactical approach to the discussions being held while supporting the entire Household communications team.

For the eligibility, they have stated the application of candidates who are extensively experienced in PR, media and marketing office, with a relevant academic degree. The candidate must also have some experience in the charity sector. Ethical requirements include the necessity of discretion regarding sensitive information and ability to make tactical and well-planned decisions with wise judgmental skills.

Considering that this was posted on a social media website, the job was viewed for more than 30,000 times soon after its listing. The job seems to want a candidate that has an overall favorable on-camera presence as it clearly states that “drafting and circulating Press Lines will be a key part of the role”.

Well, this is not the first time that the Royals are hiring people by listing online job postings. This March, Kate Middleton had listed that she was on a lookout for a new private secretary and last year, people were almost scrambling to take the job posting of being Queen Elizabeth II’s social media manager. Apart from this, the Royals are also known to use a job board to spread words about the career listings. The Royals are known to organize and run many social charities and mental-health campaigns, consequently, the job listing specifies that anyone who is applying for the job must work with their communications team to supervise and improvise the charity sphere of the work.

Don’t shy away if you think you are right for this job. Who knows when is the next time that you might get such a lucrative job opportunity. However, needless to say, the competition for this job is naturally going to be crazy due to its high-demand and the endless eligible jobless people out there.

Usually, the job postings are made on their official website, however, this time it seems that they needed a wider scope of people applying for it to scoop out only the best.

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