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Ways to Know If Both of You are Ready for a Serious Relationship

Ways to Know If Both of You are Ready for a Serious Relationship

Blame it on the ‘no-strings attached hookups’ and a plethora of online dating sites that brims with fraudulence and fake profiles, false promises, booming divorce rates and paralyzed marriages; it’s hard to even think of ‘commitment’. Thanks to the ‘misconceptions’ birthed by various failures in love stories, that led to distort the actual concept and ideology behind love, which in turn have ingrained fear in us’ fear of falling in love. That we are all a bit skeptic in committing for a serious relationship at some point in time be it at the time of ‘I do’, or moving in together. But how must you know if both you and partner are totally ready to give ‘commitment’ a shot?

Here are few basic questions that you both need to put up on talks, before you move ahead and say’yes’. The questions might uncomfortable to a sheer embarrassing one, and from cringeworthy to something very sweet; but no matter what, keep inquiring, because it’s better than those crestfallen days of heartaches after all.

Political Beliefs

At first, it might be a totally silly question to ask, at the onset of knowing your partner, but political beliefs, do play a  big role, in determining his approach towards the country’s nationalism and the leaders that spearhead all of it.


One of the most cringe worthy question to discuss would be of abortion. If such necessity arises, that you both have to opt for this terrible act, what would be his perspective on it, what is he likely intending to do to stop this abominable act of cruelty?


One of a more embarrassing topic that needs to discuss and talked out on it is if you are in any debts; if so then what are the actions that you both have decided to take up, or what is it that leads to such debt issue? Debts are known to ruin a god-strong relationship, so it’s always good to talk out everything about it.


While asking about paycheck is quite an indecent thing to do, you can always ask about the ways how he spends the money. That way you can to tell him about your expenditures; in which way do you spend the most, or which is that thing you don’t at all love spending on?


To come into a strong and healthy relationship, it is always a healthy habit to know in and out of your partner. That said, to ask about fetishes is not an embararsing thing at all, if you are totally comfortable with him. Discuss and know about the deepest fetishes that you both cherish and you can have a good laugh over it.


Now before you try fitting into anybody’s life, it is good to ask if you fit into their family as well. Does their family entertain you, love you, or do they dislike you completely? It is always important to know about your parent’s consent before you jump onto any hasty decision.


Once you are done discussing family, it is time you ask about kids. Does both of you love kids? If yes, then how many of it do you wish to have?

These are some of the basic questions that need to be answered, talked out and discussed before you put out your opinion. The relationship is that delicate gift piece, which if mishandled, can break down to pieces. So, talk out thoroughly with your partner, before.

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