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10 celebrities with the weirdest phobia you can ever imagine. You are strong hearted than them!

Weirdest Phobia of Celebrities

After all, they are human too. Being scared is unexplainable. It can be for some particular incident or maybe you just don’t like it. There are few celebs who have the worst kind of phobia which you can only imagine. Things those are usual to you in a daily life can creep out celebrities completely. Let’s check whose those are.

  1. Oprah Winfrey

This lovely lady with a golden heart is also fearless, unless she comes across a chewing gum. What? Is this true? Apparently, it is! Not only she freaks out seeing chewing gum, especially when someone is blowing it, but also no one in her show is allowed to chew gums!

Next time you watch her show; don’t forget to spit out the gum.

  1. Alfred Hitchcock

The man who has made several thrillers is scared of eggs. There is no possible reason why one will be scared of an egg, but Alfred Hitchcock does. “The white thing without any hole breaks into a yellow liquid. Can anything be more revolting than this?” This is how he explains his Phobia.

  1. Diddy

The artist Puffy fears toes more than anything. Hard to believe? During The Tonight Show with Kate Beckinsale, he saw her toes peeping out of her shoes and got petrified.

One man’s fetish is other man’s fear!

  1. Rita Ora

The sexysmart outgoing girl seems to be pretty confident with anything. With such a strong personality, there is just one thing that scares her too much, guess what – Toilets!

We can only imagine what a fight she has to put up every day against her bladder and phobia. Just wonder how many times her phobia won.

  1. Cameron Diaz

The chirpy beautiful girl looks undefeatable until she comes in front of a closed door. She cannot touch a door knob with bare hands. So, she uses her elbow. Now, there is another reason to call her talented.

  1. Megan Fox

Papers. Sorry, what? You heard it correct. This actress is extremely sacred of dry papers. “Non-laminated papers are the worst thing that can happen to me. Newspaper to script, it all scared me.”

Thank God, she doesn’t have to read too much of the script. Wear an animal print dress and it’s all done. There is nothing much to do.

  1. Woody Allen

Now, we know he is literally scared of everything but peanut butter sticking to gum roof is exceptionally scary for him! But it doesn’t stop here; he is also scared of bright colors.


  1. Kylie Minogue

This Aussie Pop is a style icon but wait, guess how she has to hang her clothes; she doesn’t. Because she is simply scared of hangers! Yes, there are people who have hanger phobia and she is certainly one.

  1. Pamela Anderson

Can you guess what scares her? Mirrors! Maybe this is one of the reasons why her plastic surgery went this wrong.

  1. Jonny Depp

So, what can scare this ultimate Pirate? Clowns. He believes clowns to be so ominous that he keeps art of clowns dress in his house to keep away negative energy and spirits.

Do you have a worse phobia?

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