Mirror mirror on the wall, is the Mirror less useful at all? Prisms vs. screens make your call!

Mirror on the wall

If you are reading this article, then my friend, you are surely DSLR-zoned!!! And so are many others in this age of Instagram and Flickr. You either belong to the group of DSLR owners, who use huge lenses in cramped spaces (god knows why!) or you are a rising prospect looking to acquire one. Whatever may be your current status, the term mirror-less has surely coined a few sparks to draw your interest. So, here it is…some daunting myths about mirror-less cameras. Let’s debunk them together!!!

  1. EVF’s are inferior to OVFs

Oh, come on. It’s a proper mirror-less camera after all. Don’t make the mistake of mixing it up with your point and shoots. These EVFs are bright, responsive and allow you to compensate the exposures. In order to cement your beliefs, take up a SONY Alpha or the Olympus series for instance. You will know the difference.

  1. Pros don’t use smaller gears

Size matters! Or does it! Today’s mirror-less ninjas are more than capable of knocking out their bigger mirrored counterparts. Stop paying attention to all those people whining about small cameras being optical minions. Believe it or not; mirror less is the future of professional photography.

  1. Mirror less cameras are not fast enough

Yes, the first generation of micro four thirds did not come with fast auto focus systems and continuous shooting modes. But come on! I mean the advancement in technology in this segment has been logic defying.

You can’t even imagine how smooth and creamy the new bodies are at focusing on almost anything that moves. You name it; they will shoot it. Anyone can use them to shoot their kids running around and come out with precise, sharp masterpieces.

  1. Mirror less systems don’t have shallow depth of field

Consider this myth busted! With the advent of excellent prime lenses for micro four-thirds and other mirror less renditions, getting that juicy “bokeh” is not an issue anymore. Do you want to blur out the backgrounds like there is no tomorrow? Just dial down your aperture to as low as f1.8 or f1.4 and warp everything into oblivion.

  1. These cameras don’t capture high-resolution imagery

This might be true if you were still stuck in 2010. But present times speak differently. Today’s mirror-less cameras can handle high-dynamic range effortlessly. Their state of the art sensors can record incredible amounts of data with stunning accuracy. So, the next time you think of capturing the Milky Way, just grab one of these small wonders and experience the beauty of heavenly constellations in stunning details.

  1. Their battery backup is below average

For the uninitiated, battery backup in smaller micro four thirds was historically sub-optimal. But that is a thing of the past. Today, high end mirror-less cameras can go on for ages without needing to be charged. In fact, the systems are so hardcore that you can take it on remote expeditions and capture stunning isolated landscapes without running out of juice.

Mate!!! Still waiting here? Jump ship and go mirror-less to enjoy high-resolution shooting.

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