Politics inspired cartoons – And you thought them to be child’s play!

Politics Inspired Cartoons

Thought cartoons are very childish and you are too old to learn anything from them? Then you are wrong, pretty wrong! Those 90s cartoons portray more than just entertainment. If you take a closer look, modern day families do not have enough time to analyze those historical cartoons. After all, values have changed in present time. But the cartoons have not changed; neither did their subtle satires budding in them.

There were several names, but few of them undoubtedly left a mark. Here, are a few cartoons that you thought but may not be very appropriate for the kids.

  1. Tom & Jerry

What can possibly go wrong while broadcasting an animated cat chasing down a mouse? Nothing, just harmless fun – or is it?

Recently, according to Amazon, they have clearly declared this cartoon to be not very healthy for kids. This series has a flowing undercurrent to ‘Racism’. Confused? Now, rewind and go back to the characters. Remember, Mammy Two Shoes? A black women in blue dress with white apron and a broom in hand. From there begins the racism.

And what was her job? Cleaning mess, running behind Tom and Jerry and constantly getting hurt with electric shocks, falling from stairs and it continues…

  1. The Simpson’s

Who doesn’t love this family? A caring mom – funny father – apt daughter and cool son – adorable baby – doggo. A happy family picture!  It was during the time when America was on a run to grow its infinite power. Politics has its base in economy and development which The Simpson’s had affluently in it. Timely predictions which could turn the political face of America, is now true. It happened.

First – the 2008 gag incident where they complained about the voting machine. Citizens voted clearly for Barack Obama but the rigging made Republican win.

Don’t you find uncanny similarity with 2012 vote in America when people complained against the same ragging?

Secondly – ‘Bart To The Future.’ In case you don’t remember this episode or haven’t watched it, watch this again. In 2000, it predicted the future of America’s Presidential elect – Donald Trump. In 2016, it came true.

Thirdly – Episode ‘False Flag.’ Yes, they did talk about the nation manipulating an attack to deviate public opinion, and this was printed in a newspaper with a price of $9. But what surprises more, the number 9 was written right after the print of twin towers, making it look like 9/11. Rest, you already know.

  1. Spongebob Square Pants.

What did mama tell you – Do not be greedy, lusty… In Short – the Pope has said, no SIN. The 7 sins are offending. This is just one of the satires; there were more throughout.

Immigrants will always be immigrants. Now, we all know how most of the powerful nations of the world treat immigrants. ‘Sandy Cheeks’ from Texas, USA. A mammal staying far from family and lives in a dome underwater away from her fishy friends. Immigrants, you see.

Corporation Vs. Laborer. How was Krabs as a boss? Greedy man who could not think of anything that doesn’t fetch money. Welcome Capitalism.

On the other hand, Spongebob and Squidward worked for unthinkable hours, did not have the basic right and let’s not even discuss wages.

But, Plankton was quite generous to Spongebob when he was working for him.A nice and dubious character looking the secret Kraby Patty formula. Once he won the hearts of everyone in Bikini Bottom. He did mind controlling them all and made the fishy characters to build a statue in his honor.

Politics you know… So, do you still think that cartoons are JUST funny?

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