Ted Bundy in new light – 5 facts on Ted that made him all the more of a twisted character

Ted Bundy

Ted Bundy, a name that never fails to send a chill down the spine. He sets an example of obsessive necrophilia and gruesome murders, which a normal mind cannot even think of. The word morbid is even less to define his deeds. You will certainly not believe his dearth of emotion which was clear in his confessions.

While leaving his trial in Florida, he left the courtroom without a sigh of regret  and worse of all, his comment – I don’t think anybody has any doubt whether I have committed the crime or not. The questions should be reframed. They should think when, how and most importantly, why I did this.

Apart from being a stone hearted murder, this man has more shades than you can think of.

5 facts about Ted Bundy which you have not heard before

  1. Ted’s dad was his granddad

Theodore Robert Cowell, now Ted Bundy was born in 1940s to a single mom. To save Cowell family’s respect, his mom Louise was claimed to be his sister and his grandparents became his parents. Enough complicated? Let me make it worse. There are rumors that Ted was a child of Samuel Cowell and Louise (Samuel’s daughter and Ted’s mom).

Some crazy background you see.

  1. Ted Bundy used to work in a suicide hotline

Talk about irony, nothing can be better than this. The man who killed several was working as a volunteer to save people from committing suicide. Ann Rule, the author was one of the people whom Bundy saved. Slowly they became closer and Ted successfully managed to manipulate Rule. Though she doubted Ted’s guilt, she never contacted the Police and denied to identify his sketch too. Their friendship did a good thing, Ann wrote a good read inspired by their friendship, “The Stranger beside me.”

  1. Ted Bundy is a Father!

This uncanny killer has a daughter. While living in jail, he impregnated Carole Ann Boome and had a love child with her. She often used to come to visit Ted at the jailor’s park as she used to live close to the jail. Though she did not agree to spill the name of the father, Ted did confess of having relation with miss Boome and being the father.

  1. Bundy helped to tack down another serial killer

A killer understands another killer! True. The notorious “Green River Killer” has an exceptional pattern of killing and the police took Bundy’s help to understand the mentality of the killer. The sly suggestion was extremely cold but it did help the detectives to identify Gary Ridgway.

What ted said – “In my opinion, the best and the only chance of catching The Green River Killer is by getting a site with a fresh body and staking it out.”

  1. Ted was his self-attorney

While the trial was going on in Florida, Ted was fighting his own case. He had a self-belief that there was a strong motive behind every killing and most importantly, he did not feel guilty. He fought well for himself until he was executed 1989.

While he was in trial, he tried to flee three times, out of which, he was successful twice.