Powerful people have the Weirdest Habits – Here are 6 Politicians and their Weird Habits!

Weird Habits of Politician

Think this way, power leads to craziness. It always has and it always will. But these powerful people do have a few over-the-top strange habits. A flip side of the coin maybe or maybe not? Read on!

  1. Donald Trump: Too much cleanliness

If you have been observing Donald Trump’s media tweets, posts and videos, you rarely do see him shaking the customary hand. No, it’s not because he innately feels everyone’s into ISIS except the rich ones. It’s simply because he has a germophobia. What if the other hand carries some deadly Ebola which strangely does not affect the carrier?

Trump thinks – everything needs to be clean!

  1. Vladimir Putin: Noonwalker! –

You must have seen Putin’s bare-chest horse riding, ice hockey and ‘Top Secret’ trysts. He’s just that kind of a guy with a typically Russian image of being a man. But did you know his routine is to wake up at noon instead of the morning? It’s quite obvious for a man who swims, gyms, reads, etc. But have you ever heard a President of one of the most powerful nations in the world to start their days at Noon? That’s Putin.

  1. Queen Elizabeth: Batwoman’s a Brit!

And not just any Brit, it’s the Queen herself in all her holy glory. Her care for animals is quite famous; she’s royally Brit after all! But she’s not like how you’d have imagined Batwoman from DC comics. Lucky for a colony of bats which live in the main hall of the Balmoral Castle, she loves them, so extends her royalty. Royal Bats!

  1. Pope Francis: Tango in the Vatican

Few would even dare to think of such thoughts on the Holy Christian seat of the Vatican. But what if Tango lives in the minds of the highest of Holy seats? No, the Illuminati have nothing to do with this Robert. It’s just that our Pope Francis, previously Jorge Mario Bergoglio was once a bouncer in Buenos Aires. What’s more, he’s an avid fan of tango legends Carlos Gardel and Juilo Sosa. “I preferred milonga.”

  1. Angela Merkel: Shops like a Commie

Think East Germany, a traditionally bland Communist regime where people had to toil it out to get anything that’s foreign. There are people who still go to Russia and end up losing personal merchandise to their Russian friends. Coming to the most powerful person in Europe, Angela grew up in commie East Germany where good things were rare. She still finds herself habitually picking up random things from the stores. Once a Commie Always a..?

  1. Kim Jong-Un: Still Into Cartoons

Now this is one name without which such a list is practically incomplete. Kim Jong-Un, the supreme leader of North Korea is an interesting guy nonetheless. But while many leaders will show their love for children and everything relative to that range, Kim takes it to another level. Sources say that he still is as much into cartoons as an average child. Now isn’t that sweet! Just don’t mention this in front of him though.

So next time you think politics is too serious for you, think again.

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