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Baby Birthed In Air, Gets a King-Size Gift

Baby Birthed In Air

To receive gifts is not unlikely and we have been bagging enough of it since birth, but did you ever imagine receiving free-flights till death, that too as a present? Oh, of course you didn’t and neither did Cristina Penton who had to go into labor on air. As strange as it might sound, this is one such rare cases where God tricks you into something unimaginable and pushes you into the uncertainties. Thanks to utmost co-operation and dedication, the respected Spirit Airlines was urged to divert its route to Dallas from Fort Lauderdale to prepare for an emergency halt at New Orleans on 22nd of June.

It is not every day that you get to hear babies taking birth in air, but they are not unlikely as well. That said, God had other set of surprises planned for the baby. The Airlines has decided to gift him free-flights on the occasion of his birthday every year where he is allowed to take in his guests as well, and this shall continue for a lifetime, upon his birth, as a token of gift.

Lucky Cristina and her beautiful baby boy named Christopher Carsten Lezcsno couldn’t have received a better gift than this. It says, the best things happen when you expect the least. The saying fits the situation like it was solely built for it, besides the effectuating one more thought to it: there is something good waiting to happen at the end of the dark-tunnel. 36 week pregnant Cristina boarded the flight in the pinkest of her health along with her kids, but soon faced difficulties with health right after the flight took off. She was reportedly asked to calm down and was tried to ease out, but it did no good as the contractions was believed to have started. Now with so much happening on board, imagine the amount of agony and stress the lady might have gone through, but ‘God helps, who helps themselves”. The needed Pediatrician and Nurse was both present who repeatedly advised her to not to push, but you cannot stop birth and death. The water was said to have broke and just after about three maximum push, Christopher happened.

The hour long of battle and tightness finally had rays of sunshine and happiness, garnished with an unparallel token of gesture, that will forever have the kid thank God almighty and the fate that he was blessed with. Christopher’s epic entry into the world even took his fellow passengers to a surprise, one of whom is said to have recorded his historical birth and releasing it into the internet, only to fetch some viral responses.

It is only when you survive through the hardships that you get to receive the best out of it. Quite often we come across the saying that ‘every cloud a silver lining’, and lucky Cristina could feel it with all of her soul and mind. With so much good happening around the world, is there any reason as to why should you really stop hoping and living life big-size?

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