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Actress Soha Ali Khan Ridiculed For Wearing a Saree, Gets Labeled as an Anti-Muslim

Soha Ali Khan

That Indian Film Actors Soha Ali Khan and husband Kunal Khemu shares a sweet and an-unmatched grounded love is adored by all but what was not adored of her recently was the fact that she sported a five-yard on her latest Instagram post. The duo are expecting and have posted an image together, where beautiful Soha is clad in a ripping pink saree, smiling away along with Kunal, in a made sweeter with balloons. Charming in swoon-worthy attire the 36 year old beauty wrote: It isn’t a party without balloons.”

No sooner did the post caught people’s attention on the leading social media platform, that she was piled up with hateful comments, trolls and disgust, and that too because she chose to wear a Saree on the occasion of Eid. In an age and chaos of ‘what’s in a name’ protests and parades over beef lynching, this comes as another setback for a democratic citizen of the India.

This isn’t the first time a celebrity was mocked over something so nasty, but there are few more occasions where even the celeb kids weren’t spared of the grim paparazzi. Celebrity superstar Shahrukh Khan’s daughter Suhanna for suppose, who was recently into the news for cladding herself in a bikini at a foreign beach. Priyanka Chopra who was again the victim of trolls upon her choice of wearing ‘trench-coat’ to the Cannes Film Festival, and later on for wearing a Short Dress on her meeting with India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Ever imagined what really sparked us to transcend from respecting Soha with all due respect, to pulling her down to levels, where we can actually judge, criticize and call her names for her choice of dress in the wink of an eye? Well, absolutely nothing to be true, except that urges to take a hold on almost everything from behind the screens of our laptop and phone. It is strange that we are actually gulping down to whatever is being thrown to us as women, and is doing nothing to shun the sadistic approach to life. Sad but true, that we live in an age and trend, where it is absolutely fine to flash buttocks, under wears and chest on a broad daylight or behind the closed doors but it next to sin and against all religious scriptures if a woman does the minimum daring job of choosing her dress.

Poor Soha was mocked in one of the posts “I swear she’s not a Muslim! Can’t even say it’s Eid!’ What exactly is her fault: The fact that she took to Instagram for sharing one of the most ‘joyful moments’ of a woman? Or for flaunting a attire that’s out and out ethnic and oozes of ‘Indianness’? If Priyanka was made the victim for flashing her legs in from of Prime Minister, then what was Soha berated for? It seems like no matter what you wear as a woman, you will be judged, criticized, analyzed and put under the scanner, why? Because you are a WOMAN and that reason is sufficient enough to stoop you down to the lowest levels of, in a country which has failed to see her worth.

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