Thief Steals a BMW, but Is Arrested Thereafter, Thanks to Traffic

Thief Steal BMW

We have all grown up hearing our elders say ‘everything happens for a good reason’, but while most of us fail to dig that goodness out, there are some who gets a jolt of surprise as soon as they realize the reason behind something bad. Traffic is cursed upon by one and all, and is looked upon as something of a letdown when you have set out for an urgent appointment, or a good cause.

It is not every day that you thank your stars for serpentine traffic on road however, Lieutenant Colonel Pinaki Bani was amongst those few who did what would have your brows up: he thanked his stars for getting caught in a traffic snarl. The reason will have you re-think on the presence of a supernatural force which constantly looks down upon you and keeps you in its caring arms.

The Colonel as per reports, had endorsed about his old Zen in OLX with an aim to get it sold, and was instantaneously approached by a man in his mid 20’s, over a call. 25 year old Jigar, went straight to Colonel’s house and on reaching, he saw the swanky BMW parked just beside the Zen that he had agreed to purchase. Jigar made no delays in sprinkling chili pepper into the eyes of Colonel and sat on the BMW to drive it away. But just as the saying goes ‘you never get to enjoy things that doesn’t belong to you’, Jigar was couldn’t go any further than the mess’s gate, courtesy to the long traffic jam. He was then chased down by the guards and was held guilty by the police.

However, strange and dramatic it might sound, but there is a power that drives us and holds us back from the ‘evil-doers’ and ‘evil-doings’. Imagine the loss and the agony thereafter, Colonel might have had to undergo following to the loss of his car, which he probably purchased out of sweat and moil that over the years. Had it not been because of the traffic haul, he would never get his beloved car back.

We might have advanced and upgraded ourselves to modernization and globalization, but few things in life are left unexplained. History speaks a lot of examples and brings about a dozen of cases where Karma plays the crux in making you think doubly on God’s way of dealing with things. With strong and firm believe on God and his supernatural powers, one gets the sheer power to overcome all hurdles and battles. The thug was on his way to enjoy a grand luxurious car, but he wouldn’t have imagined in the abominable dream, that his wishes and dreams would be dismantled with something as petty as ‘traffic’. Forever, the term traffic shall haunt him make him regret the crime he did once dared to commit.

Instead of hurling scathing remarks over traffic the next time you are caught in it, let’s just sit back and relax thinking ‘everything happens for a reason’.

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