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Wearing the right outfit for the right season is of prime importance. However, have you realized that your ideal look could remain incomplete if not worn with the right accessories? Experts say that choker-shaped pieces and vibrant accessories are trending this season, so make sure that you accessorize yourself rightly this season to look as trendy as possible.

According to Kohar Jewels’ Mohit Malhotra and Sanchit Jain who have recently inaugurated their store in Delhi, the most trending jewellery ideas for today are:

  1. Vibrant jewellery

Candy colored accessories such as resin bangles and bracelets or neon coloured watches work excellent with plain white tops and dresses. They add a charm and frivolity to the appearance that never misses the eye.

  1. Never miss to accessorize yourself

Firstly, understand what would go best with your clothing. Then, add a piece of ornament to it. There’s nothing that could go wrong with it.

  1. Go classy

Classic accessories like diamond and pearls are best for complimenting dull colours. They also look amazing with black garments and leather accessories.

  1. Never wear silver and gold together

This is considered as one of the basic styling disasters. Gold and silver are perfect individuals; they don’t need each other to accentuate their looks.

  1. Junk jewellery

Junk or chunky jewellery are the most trending accessories in today’s styling market. They are worn to establish boldness and dauntlessness. Chunky earrings and long statement necklaces are two of the celebrity favorite styles.

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