Studies Show that People with Better Lifestyle Choices could live up to Seven Years More!

People with Better Lifestyle

With innovative and tasty recipes, people have learned to avoid healthy food consuming habits and opt for the delicious meals brimming with calories. Not only have people disregarded healthy food choices but healthy living choices as well. Smoking, drinking and eating at odd hours are some of the basic disruptors of a healthy lifestyle.

One such study was published in Health Affairs stating that people who abide by the risk-free healthy lifestyle methods have lived years longer than those who did not. Thus, there are significant benefits of not indulging in unhealthy practices. Refrain from such practices not only gives you years to live longer but also reduces the chances of disability or health issues.

Lesser diseases mean longer lifetime!

Unhealthy eating practices could increase the rate of heart disease and diabetes. Also, smoking and drinking could lead to severe complications as one grows older or worse, could cause cancer. According to Myrskyla, Director of the Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research in Germany, healthy lifestyle choices could be extremely beneficial. Refraining from evil risky activities is not an unrealistic goal. When a survey was held including 14,000 persons, it concluded that people who did not smoke lived up to 4-5 years longer without any major illness than those who did.

People with Better Lifestyle

What did Myrskyla’s study analyse?

Previously studies used to analyse single health behaviours. However, the recent study conducted by Myrskyla weighed the major health impacts on disease and disability-free lifetime and total lifetime expectancy. This study was based on a research on how the behaviours of people who had avoided the mainstream risky health activities produced longer lifetime possibility.

The research also established that the three major health enemies: smoking, alcohol consumption and obesity, were directly responsible for reducing the total lifetime expectancy along with including disabilities. Smoking is shown to be one of the major causes of early deaths whereas obesity is known to disable people earlier. Alcohol was identified to be the cause of both reducing the years of living and disabling people.

The most beneficial outcome of all as concluded by the study

The most distinctive result that came out from this was the fact that men, who had never smoked, drank less and were not obese beat others by living 11 years longer. And women who had done the same beat other unhealthy women by 12 more years.

Myrskyla states that disease prevention and increasing total lifetime expectancy could be attained easily if people learn to keep themselves at bay from unhealthy practices. The study shows that avoiding unhealthy habits is less hard than trying to rectifying the mistakes. All the health hazards are reflected in old age when one’s body starts to decay. Thus, it is crucial to realise the importance of healthy lifestyle choices to ensure a better living condition. Not only does it improve physical health and lifetime expectancy but maintains a refined mental health with good memories and fewer disorders.

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