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Are you slow poisoning yourself? Know here what that one wrong thing is which can be extremely harmful to your health

52% of adults aging between 18years and 40 years are suffering from insomnia. That is a lot! So, the main question is; what can lack of sleep do to you? Here is something that will astonish you – Insomnia is like a lethal disease that can ruin your personal and professional life as well.

Presently, a lot of people are suffering from depression or anxiety (thank god, they are now breaking the stigma and talking about it at least). One of the major cause of all this hazard in life is sleeplessness. So, I guess you will be much interested to know how this really works.

Facts regarding sleep –

  1. An adult requires at least 6-8 hours of sleep daily.
  2. If you are not sleeping well enough, it can damage neurons and cells too.
  3. 75% of the people in relationship fight because either of the ones suffers from insomnia.
  4. There is a high possibility of weight gain if you are not sleeping properly.
  5. Capacity to make a proper decision reduces by 43% if a person is suffering from lack of sleep.

If you are not sleeping properly, you are reducing your life span!”

So, these are things that can go really wrong if there is a lack of sleep. But, why can’t you sleep?

There are several reasons for which you may lose your sleep. Amongst all of those, there are few which are unavoidable. So, let’s know who are snatching you away from your sleep!

  1. Stress

This always tops every list. In this present time, it is really difficult to avoid stress. Be it at work place or home, from studies, etc., there is some sort of stress constantly building up in mind. And when we sleep less, we just add more stress to our body.

  1. Inactive lifestyle

There is no denial that we hardly get time to maintain a regular workout routine. This happens all the more if you are not sleeping properly. There is a sense of fatigue in the body, and that causes lethargy throughout the day. And at night, there is alack of melatonin in the body for which people cannot sleep.

  1. Junk food

Caffeine and preservatives. These two make a supreme combination that can harm your body very well. Both of these forcefully activate your nerves, and as a result, you just fail to sleep.

  1. Health issue

Sometimes, when you are suffering from some disease, your health can deteriorate a lot. This can be another reason why you may suffer from Insomnia.

So, how will you fight them? Simple! First, start avoiding all these so that you can take good steps to combat insomnia. And to handle stress, the very simple things can be meditation, yoga and physical exercise or sports. This way you can keep your body healthy, have a fresh mind, keep your weight in control and the most important thing is – Sleep Well.

Just one more advice;never ever depend on sedatives, OTC medicines or any supplements. These will do much more harm than good to your body.

So, just sleep well and feel better!

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