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Want to lose those extra pounds quickly? Try these 6 Morning Plans and get a body you desire

Want to lose those extra pounds quickly

Who does not want to look sexy and beautiful with perfect curves? This is like every girl’s dream. But how many get the chance to fulfill it? Let’s take a look how many of the people are the right height: weight proportion – Just 2 out of every 10 girls. There is no denial that presently we are living in a world that is made of carbs and junk food. But these foods are acting like drugs in the body.

It’s true! If you do drugs and have junk, both release the same hormone which causes addiction. Now you know that why you stop every time, you see the fry counter.

Then we have stress, unhealthy lifestyle, BEER and so many reasons to blame why those extra pounds are mercilessly sticking to you. If you have, give up or almost on a verge to give up then it is time to break the good news! Here are just 6 things that you are to do in the morning to lose that extra pound easily.

Let’s start!

  1. Detox

Yes, as soon as you wake you in the morning, you have to detox your body. And it’s really simple. All you need is a glass of warm water, half lemon juice, 1-inch ginger slice and few mint leaves.

Detox water procedure:

Add the above-mentioned ingredients in warm water and soak for 10 minutes. Strain it and add a half tablespoon of honey in it. That all, your body is ready to flush out all the toxins.

  1. Brisk walking, Yoga, and stretching

The next thing you do is to kick start your metabolism. For that, you need to do some yoga. Try cobra pose, bridge, Sun worship (Surya Namaskar), breathing exercise, etc. Brisk walking is a great idea too. Especially, if you have a partner to go with.You can also stretch as per convenience.

But if you find these boring, then play some cool track and dance on it! The result will be same.

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