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These Food challenges require massive guts and a huge appetite! Enroll if you dare

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The whole of food has always been bizarre. This is one thing that has seen the best of innovations and the largest amount of variety. Every locality you visit, or any corner you turn, will present you with a new dish of a new cuisine. However, there are people who can take even food to the next level and challenge you to finish the dish. These food challenges exist around the world and, at times, there is actual prize money involved.

So, if you are sure of your appetite and want to take on the world of food, head to these competitions and show your wild foodie side. Remember, these are not for the faint hearted!

Omelet of Moose McGillycuddy’s

Honolulu, Hawaii! An omelet of 12 eggs! Beneath this, you will find sausage, bacon, melted cheese and mushroom. Sounds simple but that’s the trick. You will have 1 hour to finish this dish and trust your Gods,it’s massive. Even 4 people are not enough!

Big Fat Ugly

That’s a name of a sandwich that The Fat Sandwich Company serves in Illinois. You get 2huge sandwich rolls combined with a double cheese steak, 4cheeseburgers, mozzarella sticks, jalapeno poppers, chicken fingers, fried mushrooms, sausages and the list goes on. Time? 15 minutes. What you win? T-shirts and more sandwiches.

The Bacon Bomb

Illinois again! You will have to gulp down a 5-pound weight meat wrap containing beef, pork and ground sausage; all wrapped and placed carefully in bacon. That is some quantity of meat you have to eat in 45 minutes. To get an idea – the dish can fill nearly 6-8 people.

Pho Garden

A bowl of the size of a swimming pool arrives when you enter this restaurant in San Francisco. The contents include a couple of pounds of beef, a similar quantity of noodles and an ocean of broth. You are given one hour to have a picture on the restaurant’s Wall of Fame.

The 8th Wonder

This is probably the most famous and widely known food challenges around the world. The Clinton Station Diner offers prize money of $5,000 to finish their 105 pounds burger. You can even bring along 9 friends of yours to take on this beast. 60 minutes to finish an 11.5 inches tall and 28-inch in diameter burger. Warning – no one has ever won!

The Kitchen Sink

The restaurant serving this dish has simply turned the phrase “there’s always room for dessert” upside down. If you thought only meat servings can post a challenge, well, you were wrong. Kitchen Sink comes with 8 ice-cream scoops of your choice, 3 bananas, 8 toppings, nuts, cherry, whipped cream and so on. Complete it in an hour and you will get free ice-creams for an entire year. Now that’s some prize!

Special Mentions –

There’s Jumboli Pizza and Land Lubber’s platter, 7-pound Italian or the Knucklehead Challenge, every dish is as daunting as the other. Prepare your insides for these gut-wrenching dishes. Taste and elegance come second here – devour is what you got to do. Are you ready?

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