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Chinmayi Put Up the Shutters on the Chides Over Rahman’s Tamil Song Performance at London’s Concert

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The human race unarguably is the monstrous creation of its own, brimming with greed and hatred, tweets and chides, ridicules and remarks. We, humans, have failed to evolve with our mindsets, though a lot has been changing in the domain of fashion and film, technology and science. How irony and satirical it is to dole out scathing remarks on super-talented souls like A.R.Rahman who have done India pride by bringing it Oscars and fame. How we have mastered upon the act of judging every other soul that we come across; from Rahman to Sonu Nigam, and from Narendra Modi to Priyanka Chopra and so on and so forth. Some get slammed for sporting a skirt, whereas someone is shunned for being ‘too skinny’, someone is trolled for staging out his opinion, and someone gets ridiculed for traveling the world. How we never spare a single being but instead don’t skip out on the chance of bad-mouthing them with the filthiest of remarks.

Rahman is all over the news; no not because of his unmatched talent, but because he performed at the prestigious Wembley concert in London, mouthing Tamil Songs and not Hindi, thus spurring a huge debate and controversy. What irks us to believe the hypocrisy that engulfs us to the brim; how we lash out at people when they fail to perform as per our expectations. How easily we put the lid on such world famous souls, just because he didn’t sing Hindi songs. What is more ironic and satirical is that we are those same bunch of people who stand pride with chin up, rambling about India’s secularism and how we never act racist unlike the Britishers or castigate someone just because he hails from another state. How with the sheer amount of great-heartedness, we talk of treating all our fellow countrymen with the same amount of respect and love sans distinguishing.

The world is up with vengeance and rebel to chide the Mozart of Madras, over his Tamil affliction. The fact that he hails from Tamil Nadu itself is what makes the affair look more humorous. However, with an aim to put an end to this, singer Chinmayi Sripada called upon the so-called-Rahman fans over this injustice and nasty behavior only to teach them a lesson of their life by tweeting:


When Rahman sir wins 2 Oscars and creates history, he is ‘An Indian’, but 7-8 Tamil gaana kya gaa liye aap naraz hote ho. What yaar?

The show was ca; led Netru Indru Naalai’, had 65% Hindi Songs (See list is out there). Music knows boundaries/language.

Chase the American dream, your kids can Spanish; Live in the UK that once colonized India-but cry foul when you hear Tamil songs.

Before jumping on to verbal-attack let’s just sit back and know what music is and that it is limitless, is united solely by love. Let’s just not be so much judgmental on anybody who works throughout to geet his masterpiece done and bag success. Let us just respect their works, let us just respect art, let us respect each other decision if nothing else.

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