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Man quits Google Job and Turns into a Samosa Seller, Becomes an Example For Many

The Bohri Kitchen

For what came more as an inspiration to most: Munaf Kapadia a well-settled Google employee,  quit his hefty paying job far behind to shape The Bohri Kitchen in Mumbai. Most often, we get trapped in the money-making business and service, only to dismantle our hopes and dreams in the long run. There are painters, who in the subdued pressure of family and society took to 9-5 jobs, only to get her livelihood settled out while immersing his sketchbooks and coloring pads. There are singers who were pushed into becoming doctors, dancers who were forced into handling boring desk jobs. Somehow or the other, we grew up shredding down our wings, only to adjust according to the societal pressure of becoming something we were not meant for.

But Munaf Kapadia dared to think out of the box; he realized life is not always about trinket boxes and big-fat bank-savings but also about realizing that specialty we keep subdued and oppressed underneath the desperation to ape another being. The MBA degree holder from NarseeMonjee in Mumbai, Munaf was gleefully working his shift in the Googe office when something hit his mind; the fact that his mother is idly watching TV dailies got his head boiling. The fact that they both can create something extraordinary, something unusual made him lay the foundation of The Bohri kitchen, the two-year-old restaurant which has drawn attraction and attention from models hotshot celebrities like Ashutosh Gowarikar, Rani Mukherjee, Huma Qureshi, Farah Khan who chanced upon this and enjoyed it like anything, promising to come back again.

Well, it is not every day you get to have celebrities gracing their presence in your restaurant. The bold step in thinking beyond mere corporate jobs, plain-simple life and more such elements gave shape to this extravaganza. The story does end there, Munaf also got enlisted as one of the most influential men in the world by Forbes. The kitchen holds out a perfect assortment of mouth-watering starters, lip-smacking main-course delights, amazing desserts, extraordinary beverages and superb condiment.

What Munaf did, breaking free from the pigeonhole is nothing short of an inspiration to more such souls who fears to unshackle themselves from the cliché-ridden lives and instead go on and afford to lose out on all their talents, as against a mere sum of a paycheck. What holds us back from following our determination, and dreams are not always money, but the lack of self-confidence and the fear of failure; what if we never make it to the top? What if the dreams get shattered? What if fate doesn’t treat us well or what if we are ridiculed and mocked post failure? But the mere fact that we never tried or turned our backs to ‘opportunities’ and ‘scope’ is what shall ingrain us with laments and regrets, the fact that we never rose to try and moved out of the cattle-herd is what shall always ring within, the fact that we gave up on our dreams as against working 8 hours a day in a posh cubicle, will rattle us with irk and disgust, later on, when life inches closer to death, and on days when we shall have no stories to share with our grandchildren or children alone.

The Kebab Me Crazy weekend was definitely memorable!

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So, why not chance upon the dream to be different? Think different or act differently?

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