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Deepika Padukone ridiculed, mocked and derided for being ‘too skinny’, Upon Posting an Instagram Image

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To those who thought, body shame is solely meant for potbellies; Deepika Padukone was recently made the victim of body shame for being ‘too skinny’. Over so much advancement happening with science and technology, what still remains caught back in time is our ‘perspective’ on almost everything in life. Deepika was all this while, patronized for the divine beauty she upholds, the back-to back super hits that she has been treating us with, her correct choices of movie scripts, her tall slender bodice that is a thing of envy for most woman out there, for being the ‘perfect heroine’ who possess looks and good acting skills…but now that we are so much into the habit of pouring out scathing remarks on woman achieving success, we couldn’t just stop making her the target for negativity as well.

How easily we pick on the woman and thrust her with the ample advice of what she would wear, not wear, eat, diet, drink, sit or choose on clothes? How easily without judging the second time, we can call a woman ‘too slim’, or ‘too fat’. How nastily women with low bust size always gets under the scanner and are asked to ‘eat nicely’, and then again when she gains weight, we ridicule her down to the pieces. We wonder, how men, never do the same with the male actors in the industry, how men never lampoon another man for being ‘too skinny’ or ‘overweight’. How for a man, it is okay to grow a belly the size of two pumpkins but is a thing of mockery and humor when a woman has it. How a woman is constantly under the subdued pressure of donning the perfect hourglass figure, how they are randomly called ‘fat’ by her own relatives and are made to feel low over it, and garner suicidal thoughts when she fails to live up to the society’s image of ‘perfection’.

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Deepika’s recent Instagram post where she poses with sheer elegance and suaveness for Vanity Fair UK’s August 2017 post, garnered too much cynicism because she was looking too thin to be appreciated. Why such deliberation to mold a woman into the shape of our dreams? Why such audacity to comment on somebody’s body sans thinking o the emotional breakdown she might go through thereafter? Why such urge to sneak-peek into other’s lives? Why such necessity in entertaining pessimistic approach to life? Why can’t we live a woman alone? Why can’t we instead encourage her to follow her dreams, munch on whatever treats her taste buds, eat as much as she wants, if that makes her happy, go on and enjoy life as it is, eat well by not starve-diet to get into a shape and suffer later on, praise her for her talents and judge her according to the accolades she has bagged over the years and not her figure and looks?

We think of how easily we brandish someone ‘uncool’ and ‘ugly’ knowing might her bad, how body shaming is not cool at all but an act of uncouthness, how we are so far behind from nurturing a progressive mindset. How heroines are always meant to realize that we adore their ample breasts and buttocks, thigh gaps and skin complexion, hair and dress sense and not her skills as an actor.

It is only when we all start looking up to women with sheer respect, that we shall be able to look beyond their body and looks, and start appreciating their work over the body.