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Golden Rules To STOP getting into fights with spouses

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Quarrels or tumult are an inseparable part of life, and while it can be lessened, it can never be stopped altogether. While fights are truly annoying, it can get pretty serious and scary; so much that it forms the crux of destruction. In case you are in a relationship, and you think you fight too much for a couple, even the best of couples whom you think knit a fairy tale love-story has the nastiest of fight in their journey of togetherness. There is nothing wrong in disagreements, as we are all human beings and are bound to feel and react when things differ from our opinions, but while you are at it, there are few things you must keep in mind, for the sake of the love you both share and the relationship that forms the fountainhead of your happiness.

Avoid Fighting in Public


Fighting might not be a worldly issue when you are strong in your relationship, but still then, avoid any scuffs in public. Chiding, screeching or the mere pillow fights are normal and healthy only when you do it behind the closed doors and not in public. Going against or screaming your lungs out to your partner in public, would not only depict the dark side of your characteristic but would also make your personal life ‘open’, besides making way for ‘grins’ and ‘taunts’ from others.

Calm Yourself before Going to Bed


Remember, going to sleep angrily can lead you to dream bad, have sleepless nights, battle out tears till wee hours of the morning, feel sick, have an annoying headache and wake up feeling low and depressed. So, calm the fire down and settle the altercation before hitting the bed together and going to sleep.

Squeeze out Some Time to ‘Cool off’


After the raging fire and tornadoes of debates and spats, it is time you both sit down to cool yourself off. While fights are necessary to test the patience and understanding of the relationship, it is also essential to cool off at the right moment. Try not to stretch the spat unnecessarily, but end it at the right moment and try talking something else with your partner to divert the mind. It might feel hard initially, but remember ‘he/she is your second self’ and that you must try everything possible to keep him/her in your life.

Never Make The Mistake of Venting out To Your Best-Friend Or Social Media


While it is now a trend to post almost everything and anything on a social media page, it is never a sign of a healthy mind to post about arguments, as you would only be putting your relationship and your self-image at stake. People might show concern initially, but they would do nothing better than to laugh at you when you turn your back and bad-mouth about you and your relationship.

Avoid Drinking


What has caught up the millenials lately is the urge to drink over a nasty dispute. Alcohol might make look to you as an antidote to all things problem, but is nothing more than a slow poison. Drinking not only puts your health at risk but also pushes you to say things which you later on repent or lament about.

So with these things up on your mind, you needn’t worry about losing your soul-mate to fights and falling outs. There might not be anything wrong in fights, especially when you both are staying under one roof, but to act immature or playing silly can cost you ‘peace of mind’ and a relationship itself. Follow up with easy and simple tricks and ensure a healthy relationship throughout.

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