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Rihanna’s Sports a Whimsical Turquoise Hair Dye at Barbados, Keeps Up Her Label As a True ‘Fashion Icon’

Life becomes more of a sordid affair when we spend half of it in contemplating as to what the world has to say on the partner you choose, on the career you peruse, on the length of your skirt or even the hair color your sport. The world has been such a happy place if we stopped hurling scathing remarks on other’s choices and opinions if we cared more about what makes us happy rather than who thinks what.

But we are furtively moving towards an age where we shall no longer live on the whims of our personal choice but on other’s: where we’ll need to seek opinions on almost everything: evening dress to wig styles, books to films we were about to watch over the weekend, beauty creams to beauty filters, restaurants to cafes etc. But why have we changed into judgment creeps who so wish to breathe down others necks? What possibly riles up to the extent that we go beyond the lines to criticize, analyze or put somebody under the scanner? Why are so intrigued in gathering up movie reviews before booking the tickets? Aren’t personal opinions and choices meant to be personal or does that have to do something in influencing others?

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But in an age where we are still to change and shy away from being the black sheep of the family, because we’re so boosted up in following the herd, comes the bold fashionista of all times-Rihanna in her quirky turquoise hair colour, gracing the floors of The Elevate St Tropez party, one of the many Barbados crop over summer festival parties.

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The style diva made sure she makes the party a glitterati affair, by letting her turquoise tresses loose and slipping into a thigh gracing denim shorts paired with a chic Louis Vuitton jacket. Making sure she could well put her assets on display, she chose to keep the first two buttons of the jacket opened, whole daring to go for the double denim look. Her overall attire and confidence not only stole glances at the show but also made sure, people stole her ‘way of styling things in an extraordinary way’. The vivid hair dye might have screamed for attention, but is equally gorgeous, sitting pretty in crimped waves across her slender shoulders.

Rihanna has forever known to pick up some spunky fashion, caring least of how exactly her paparazzi ends with or what people opines. If put in the right words, she would be the last person on Earth to really give in care and attention of what the world has to say, this sparked a confidence in a million hearts, inspiring them to follow their consciousness and heart and not others advice and trolls.

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It isn’t the first time Rihanna dared to dauntless in fashion but have done it in the bygone days we well when she dyed her hair dark blue back in 2015. Known to slip in various whimsical styles, Rihanna is every little girl’s torchbearer of ‘self-faith’ besides being the truest symbol of fashion. By sporting such controversial looks and dyes, she makes sure to reinstate the fact that fashion is all about our personal choice and comfort, and not others cup of tea. How we choose to appear affront the world is entirely our business and it’s high time, we stop batting our eyelids to what the ‘world might say’.

Thanks for inspiring us to be different, Rihanna. Thanks for making us realize that we all were born different and it is completely okay to remain so for the rest of our lives.

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