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20-Year-Old Beauty Pageant Holder Who Scores Excellent and Bags A Seat at IIM-Ahmedabad is a Living Example Of ‘Pure Determination’

It is not unlikely to come across gloriously beautiful ladies or beauty pageant holders getting shunned and generalized for lacking a ‘good brain’. Ever since women fell prey to being looked upon merely as ‘eye-candy’, ravishing beauties including the film actors have always been trolled hard for not having the ‘good gray matter’. Blondes in the west have always been paralleled with ‘senseless brain’ and labeled as ‘half-witted brain’. But before we could all sink and sulk with the ‘established and staged fact’ that women are good for nothing but wooing men and trapping them with an unmatched charm, beauty pageant Akanksha Choudhary has bagged a seat in IIM Ahmedabad, India, the dream she nurtured since ages.

Akansha’s, the contestant of Miss Face of Beauty had no plans of modeling but talks of landing in it by chance, when she decided to audition casually at management college, after which she got chosen as the Miss Indian Elite, which she successfully won last year. But that didn’t stop her from chasing her dream of becoming a niche consultant after having graduated from the world-renowned college where she could successfully bag the seat. Hailing from Ajmer, Akansha is also amongst the top 5 in her batch from Delhi’ SRCC (Sri Ram College of Commerce).


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Akansha is one of those real wonder women who inspire young hearts to dream and chase goals and dreams as if that’s the only motto they should feed on. She further reinstates the faith on the power of determination; how it can help you fly and shine bright, even amidst the chaos and darkness, that will power can help you achieve in the impossibilities.

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In a case of doubts, Akansha cracked CAT 2016, with an excellent percentile of 98.12. She is not only iconic inspiration and torchbearer of power and strength but is also a big slap on the faces of those who tries proving that ‘women are no better than baby producing organ’, is better off when being servile, submissive and shy, is no good than pet dogs who deserves to be thrashed if they dare dream beyond the kitchen and bedroom walls, is or looks amazing only when they expose their assets to calm the restlessness of the exhausted villains behind the big screens but must be immediately caged when they try pulling off male stunts or doing unimaginable activities like standing for justice or fighting back for their dignity.

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The beauty with brains is also a lesson to women who accept being called as ‘weak and fragile’, besides being the guiding light to those who think the time is a factor and that it is short on hand when doing various things at a time come in question. Akansha is fully determined to contribute her equal concentration and hard work to both the fields; modeling and perusing her MBA. The only reason she wants to latch on to modeling is that she feels, it helps her to stay fit and healthy.

If a girl of 20 can manage and remain focused on the core for both her busy modeling career and a tough course like MBA, then why can’t we do the same? Why is it so hard for us to fetch our dreams? Why do we fear away from being called a joke if we follow the path we are determined to tread on? Why can’t we all become little Akansha and make the world our playground, where anything is possible if we believe in ourselves and dare to dream?