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Man dressing up like woman since 20 years for his mentally-ill mother, is an honest example of ‘heroism’

Man dressing up like woman since 20 years for his mentally-ill mother

To what the ‘no-strings attached hookups’ and plenty of dating apps, followed by the booming rate of divorce rate almost ruled out, the recent news of a man dressing up like a woman since twenty years for his mentally-ill mother just took the initiative of bringing it back; unconditional and selfless love. What remained forever closed within the chapters of books and movies, is finally being hinted in real life as well, and there is no doubt that the real life story is more amusing and inspirational-worthy than staged ones.

A loyal and doting son from China’s Guangxi region, dresses up as a woman for the last 20 years, to aid his mother to recuperate from the trauma that hit her bad, post her daughter’s death. The man was reported to have taken this decision of dressing alike his sister, after his mother shows signs of debilitation, after losing her daughter to death. The man not only dressed up like his sister but also takes the initiative of feeding her and tending her to cure. The love for his mother is so extreme, that it now acts as a shield against all the ridicule and jibes, hurled to him, from the public on the streets. He is often chided for dressing like a woman, being a guy, but the determination to pull his mother out from sickness is what has kept him going all throughout.

man dressed like women in china
Source: Pear Video

The man might have garnered laughs and scorns, but have equally garnered love and affection for his a; truistic approach to life, for the extraordinary meaning he gave to the entire concept of love, for showing to the world that not only parents but even children can set good examples, unequivocal love, that there exists a ‘love’ which doesn’t require any fuel to run or temptation to keep burning.

In an age where we hardly bat an eyelid to our aging parents and term them ‘annoying’ at every single step, where we prefer ‘traveling solo’ than with our parents, where we deem it fit to settle down elsewhere with our partners post marriage fearing they might prove to be a hindrance in the relationship, where we care a devil of their opinion and suggestions and rather decide on our own, where we prefer listening to silly dailies but shut them up when they try for a conversation, where we hold them responsible when kids get spoilt but care a fig when they sink their heads into phone, where it is totally fair if we kick them out from houses but it is close to a sin when they write us off from their will, where family get together is termed ‘boring’ and ‘typecast’ but ‘pub hopping’ is much more fun and lovable-worthy, where the sole reason behind celebrating Fathers’ and Mother’s day or their birthdays and anniversaries is more because of the post that we can put up on the social media.

man in women dress for his mother
Source: Pear Video

This anonymous person from China is a great example and forcing us to act out of love and not out of duty. The man single-handily made us change the perspective of love and have set back serious son goals. To go and get dressed like a woman, in a world which picks on almost e=anything for a good laugh, is not only an act of boldness but of true ‘heroism’ as well.

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