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ADHD Child’s Mother Shares Her Harrowing Story

Taylor Myers

Mind the stories that each person carries with himself/herself before you get annoyed at the wailing child in the mall or bus. Mothers are creatures ready to make the toughest sacrifices in the light of their children’s welfare. Taylor Myers, a single mother of a toddler and a four-year-old girl with ADHD, took to share a similar incident that she faced in Walmart on Facebook. After reading the story, be wise enough to not get mean to mothers with wailing children.

Myers is known to walk out of stores and public spots when her children gave her hard times or created a nuisance in the area. However, this one time at Walmart when her ADHD fighting daughter insisted for having a bag of chips and went on crying relentlessly about it, the mother let her go at it without stopping. This was exactly when a woman from behind the line yelled, “Oh, for Christ’s sake give her a cookie so she’ll shut up!” Although Myers at that moment retorted snappily, however, she broke down some time later. It was then when another woman came to console her calming the poor mother.

On her post, she details on how she managed to blurt out the ugly words and leave the crowd as soon as possible. She was terribly embarrassed and humiliated, although this wasn’t her first time. As a mother, it only gets harder to single – handedly juggle the lives of two little children and her own and maintain the state of mind. She states on how embarrassed and hurt she was to be recognised as the mother who was too ignorant and careless to take care of her daughter’s tantrums. She was checking out when tears started rolling of Myers’ eyes.

Humanity checks in as a kind woman comes forward and casually talks to Sophie, the four-year-old child. She distracts the girl with other questions such as what her age and her brother’s age was. What was highly noteworthy and impressive of the kind woman was that she backed up Myers when the daughter persisted with her tantrums about the bag of chips stating that it was not something she would get that day and that she should be good to her mother. Myers was instantly touched and moved by the stranger’s unfathomable compassion and kindness and expressed the infinite gratitude on the post.

The epilogue of her post states how it’s wrong and mean to make comments aloud on the struggles of a stranger’s life. Myers laid some valid and strong points when she wrote that hard times and issues that come with bringing up children single – handedly are no subjects that ought to be opinionated. It is enough that the children throw tantrums and mothers get humiliated about it that strangers come in and rudely make comments. Also, she states that it only takes a small compassionate gesture from a person you have never met before to make a mother feel herself again. She thanks the unknown woman repeatedly in the post and that’s exactly what melts the readers’ hearts.

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