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Deadly Game Named ‘Blue Whale’ Claims Innumerable Teenage Lives Including One in India and Several Others in Russia

Isn't it time we set them at peace and talk out depression, talk out life, talk out love and assure them of our constant support?

Of all the good memories latched on to us centering childhood, indulging in games seems to be one of the best. The games that had us up on our toes through the evening, the ones that brought out pure joy and filled our minds with utmost ecstasy, the ones that were pure escapism: an escape from the monotonous school life and piled up homework. What we still gloat about from those games we played, is the happiness that we received on playing it and the mere indulgence of which helped us forget the pressure of obtaining good grades and topping the class.

Games are supposed to make you feel good, games are supposed to be relaxing and De-stressing and not adding on to it. But that’s not the idea of playing games anymore, it’s something else now, something dark and gritty. Games are no more cheering as you win battles and bloodshed, but it’s about doing it in real. A recent game named Blue Whale is all about taking lives. Yes, you heard that right. Taking lives. Originating from Russia, the self-harm social media game have urged a thousand teenagers to take their own lives.


The so called game claims to have several levels which only instigates the gamer to do certain gory acts and keep it taped only to show proofs that he has done it. The levels include killing animals, drawing whales on the body surface and eventually jumping off a building to commit a suicide.

Now before you set your jaws apart thinking about the man who created the game, he’s a 22-year guy who believes that there is a need to clear out few junks from this society, who are nothing but a burden to us. The game’s administration according to him, chooses certain types of ‘weak’ teenagers who can easily be manipulated into such dreadful tasks. Upon approach and being forced for details, Philipp Bedeikin, the maker of the game even states and talks of comforting ‘depressed’ teens through this game. He claims to have received immense love and support from people who found this game of great help. When asked if he is taking up the responsibility of 130 teenage suicides in Russia, he takes up claims of only 17 and says the remaining ones had only contacted him but committed suicide later on without having any direct links with the game.

Philipp Bedeikin
Source: VictoryGirlsBlog

And if that wasn’t enough to digest, a recent 14-year-old victim too fell into the traps of this hellish game and gave up his life, while trying to win the game. The suicide level is said to be the last and the final one, the completion of which determines you to be the winner.

Now before we shun this is as mere stupidity, isn’t it worthwhile to think about where the millennial’s are heading to? What depression is so dark so as to penetrate and cut the guts and mind of a 14 year old, in a way, to lure him to death? What is so much getting onto us, and shutting us off from the world? In an age, where children are supposed to read, run, love, play and laugh merrily, they are entering into the dark tunnels and touching the formidable, doing things which are outright dangerous and finding pleasure in messing and toying with blood, pain and deathly acts. Before we go curse the maker of the game and swear him with all the cuss words possible, isn’t it time we think if have seriously failed our generation, our children? If we have failed to become their support, listen to them out when they dug their faces on the pillow, pat them when they failed or rubbed their tears when they endured heartaches?

Isn’t it time we set them at peace and talk out depression, talk out life, talk out love and assure them of our constant support?

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