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Know Your Car’s Location with This Miniature Car Tracker

Trackr Mobile App

Ever experienced losing your car out of mere forgetfulness on a hot sunny day or during a heavy downpour? This is quite common for many of us. People tend to lose track as to where they had last parked their car and roam around with utter perplexity clicking the car buzzer. Don’t fret over installing an expensive GPS system. You have enough pending bills to pay already rather than adding another ridiculous expenditure on your list.

A California based startup company came up with the brilliant plan of making a tiny tracking device that could be accessed with your smartphone to find exactly what you’re looking for. This inexpensive little device not only magically solves your car losing problem but promises to not interfere with the look of your car, too. The device is called TrackR and it’s the size of a quarter. With its emergence on the market, it is changing the way we have known to keep track of important things in our life.

You can gear it up for use in less than 2 minutes’ time. Install the TrackR app on your smartphone followed by connecting your phone to the device. Now, simply attach the TrackR on almost anything that you want to keep a track on like your keys, technological gadgets, car or your wallet. With the device, you can keep an easy track on the important devices. It could come in very handy for people who have kids. Attach the device to your kid’s clothes and don’t get too stressed if they’re lost (only a little).

TrackR was created with the motive of eradicating the expensive subscription hassle of the GPS systems. It’s portability and ease of access makes the device versatile, offering you another reason to choose it over the conventional GPS system and other tracking devices. TrackR’s budget-friendly cost is the reason why you would call this a friendly device. $29 is a small price to pay for your lost car, isn’t it?

This device’s efficaciousness is most evident with the tracking of the car. Hide it under the car’s floor mat or in the trunk, choose somewhere which is unlikely to be seen. For instance, if you forget where you parked your car when you go shopping, just open the “lost items” on your Smartphone’s TrackR app. The app would subsequently give you the exact geographical coordinates of the last location of your device.

Don’t get duped by the size of the device as it is its miniature attribute that gives you limitless possibilities. Attach the device to your pet’s collar as you go for a run around the park or when you two have decided to go for a stroll on the beach. TrackR is equipped with double-sided adhesive so that you can attach it to your laptop, mac or your bike seat. Track down the thieves and educate them on the effectiveness of the device.

You can get your hands on this device from the company’s website. They ship worldwide and promise to deliver your TrackR within the time span of a week.

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