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Husband chops down fingers of Wife, as Means of Stopping Her From Pursuing a Career

Hawa Akhtar
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Just when women had begun dreaming beyond the kitchen and bedroom walls, and had just started tasting success in all the fields; be it touching the moon to voice out rebel against injustice through poems and sketches, building spacecraft or playing soccer, spearheading multinational companies or leading countries etc, 21 year-old Hawa Akhtar faced consequences for having dreamt of pursuing a degree. Mr. Rafiqul Islam, Hawa’s second half punished her, by chopping her fingers off, while keeping her mouth taped and eyes blindfolded, with the aim of dismantling her hopes and dreams to mere ashes. With so much up for the debate as to if we really need feminism, and if women seriously need to be empowered and be let out to taste life alike men, what keeps us awestruck is the fact that even after decades since evolvement, we could still not evolve with logic and sense.

Mr. Islam, deemed it fit to inflict this barbaric crime on her poor young wife, as means of punishing her audaciousness; as a way of showing her true place as a woman which is supposed to be on the bed, and behind the stove. Or is it because he feared Hawa might overcome him and achieve double than what he could achieve in all these years? Or maybe, for him, women are not meant to soar high but warm the beds and cook meals. It sparked angst when Hawa dared to think beyond all of this, and wished upon a career that most women of her age dream of. But little did he know that this barbaric attack of cutting his wings, had only embed more determination and strength in her, as warrior-princess Hawa had pledged to continue to studies, even after the horrific incident.

Mr. Islam had confirmed saying that jealousy crept in when he heard his wife wanted to pursue degrees, as he is a class 8 dropout. We boast of living up-to-date with the country’s thriving advancement towards globalization, and yet find it pretty cool to hush a women down when she dares to dream, burn her down to ashes when she disobey the commands of remaining as a ‘slave’, faces abandonment for birthing girl-child, rape her to death when she chooses to wear a skirt, throw scathing remarks when she outshines in the corporate sector, and lastly chop her fingers when she nurtures a distinct perspective to life.

How easily we are enraged over someone else’s success and choose to rip them off their dreams because we couldn’t achieve that same thing. How easily we take the decision to kill someone’s dreams within a jiffy. How desperate we become to crash w women into pieces when starts thinking and acting alike, and yet rant about ‘equality’.

With more and more such case popping of husbands turning violent and brutal on wives, over issues as petty as this, more and more women are now choosing a life sans a man and are adjusting with loneliness irrespective of how awful it feels. With a millennial having undergone such low-down, it is time to question if we are at all moving towards ‘societal progress’ or creeping back into becoming one monster at a time.

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