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Kim Kardashian Flashes Her Bare Chest Through her Plastic Dress, Goes One Step Ahead in Grabbing the Publicity

Kim Kardashian Sheer Dress
Source: DPXimages/Splash News Australia

Just when the controversy dust had settled in for Hollywood celeb diva Kim Kardashian, she decided to take off one more flight to dispute and debate by flaunting her bare-body by wrapping herself in a plastic dress which revealed her silk panties and bare-chest. The mother of two is quite recognizable for the way her –flashing game, and no matter what, she never seems to get over it. What must we call this? Paparazzi hungry or her usual of going on and about life as a celebrity. The see-through plastic dress reveals her bodice, including her silk panties and also how woman nowadays have misunderstood the term ‘feminism’; how they find it absolutely cool to flaunt their privates and yet ask people not to bat an eyelid to it. How women empowerment is all about sporting see-through plastic dresses and later on ramble about how they got trolled and disgusted by the fellow passersby.

Kim Kardashian See Through Dress
Source: DPXImages/Splash News AU

Kim Kardashian is long associated with her stunning buxom figure, for the way she carries her assets with absolute swag and picks on the most controversial dresses ever, be it on a date, or simply to buy sushi. The mother of two seems to have invested quite a lot of time in choosing her dress, as she was also seen throwing a gray coat over the plastic dress, to avoid being arrested.

Kim Kardashian New Transparent Image
Source: DPXImages/Splash News AU

It is sad how celeb models who are also the source of inspiration for many teens and adults alike, leave behind wrong impressions of fashion, how easily they wrap themselves up for dirty publicity and then go fumbling about the troll they had to deal with, how badly they have dismantled the term of feminism and have given a bad shape of it, how the power of womanhood for these ladies on the top has got nothing to do with bringing about a change in the society but is lot more about seeking attention over polemic dress sense and ‘no strings attached hookups’, how they fail to sink into obscurity after a very short span of time, how post growing old no one remembers about them, how they sulk over annoying paparazzi when they are the ones who are the sole reasons behind it, how they falter in comprehending the power of dressing good and how by a single good style statement you are more likely to garner more appreciations and love than by flashing breasts and buttocks.

Transparent Dress Kim Kardashian
Source: DPXImages/Splash News AU

Wonder what big of a statement these celebrity models would have made if they actually initiated a change, or brought about the real empowerment by talking out about ‘girl power’ given a number of women listening to them, than by merely flashing your skin that does you no good than fetal aching you unwanted publicity. A number of womanizing issues that us woman face is way beyond extreme, and if there is one way how the public can be made aware of it and ask them to work upon its thoughts, is if they are spoken by the celebrities whom we look up to as idols and inspirations.

Kim Kardashian Dresses
Source: DPXImages

Sad, even after so much filled with publicity, Kim Kardashian still is in desperate hunger to fetch the limelight, that too by dressing this inappropriate. How we wish, Kim could distinguish well between dressing well and dressing ugly, woman empowerment and stopping the image of a woman to the lowest possible. Wish she could realize that there are things beyond flashing skin, fetching limelight and bagging millions.

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