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All About Midi Skirts and How to Wear Them: All Queries Answered

How To Wear Midi Skirts

Midi Skirts are ever-so-pretty and elegant, just like Audrey Hepburn would sport. Midi skirt is that fail-proof dress which is downright chic and instantly turns you into an ultimate style icon. However, midi skirts can look extremely frumpy if fallen into the wrong hands, or paired wrong. While might now look tricky to wear a midi skirt after reading this, you need not whine or cry, for we have trawled various designer’s websites to get the right style tips to wear a midi skirt and look totally classy.

Choosing your Skirt

The first and foremost rule before choosing skirt is to know that midi skirts are not equal, so dole out extreme care before choosing it. If the need arises, you might even have to get it tailored, to ensure you its fits you well. Remember always, midi skirts are meant to hit the mid-calf section and that’s the reason they are called as ‘midi’ skirts. So make sure your skirt is just around the mid-calf and not extending down to the ankles or shorter than the calf region.



If you are short on height, or mid-calf doesn’t look perfect on you, then try choosing a shorter length. As long as the skirt is a bit longer than the usual average length, people will get the effect of ‘midi’.

Tailor is your good friend

Tailor is your good friend and so is the sewing machine if you possess one. Hemming up a few inches wouldn’t be a herculean task for you, and if you don’t have one, you can get it done from the tailor if you are totally alien to swing.

Now that you are done hemming the skirt, what next? Well, next comes the most crucial factor; how to pair it? When it comes to pairing midi skirts, there is no perfect rule but surely you can draw inspiration and tips which you can fetch.

What tops go along well with midi skirts?


While few fashion unicorns might simply be able to carry volume on both the top and bottom, there are most which falter in doing so and end up pulling a disastrous look. So it’s always a better option to pair midi skirts with a top that is both cropped and fitted. In order to make the volume work, you have to enhance your waist region. Thus, fitted tops are the best option to air along with midi-skirts.

What shoes can be worn with a midi skirt?

This question is one of the easiest questions to solve. To begin with, ditch ankle straps shoes as they can prove to become a tricky one, as ankle strap shoes tend to make your leg look small. Any other dress sans ankle straps would do wonders.

Is it okay to wear flats with midi skirts?


Though it’s true that flats make your legs shorter, but midi skirts do that well. So, as long as your skirt aren’t super long, you can always go for flats, because for a fact, heels are not that practical too. The rule of thumb is to wear pointed flats rather than the round flats in order to lengthen the foot appearance,

SO, now that you have all queries answered regarding midi skirt, it’s now time to hit the streets with one and look elegantly chic. Good luck, flaunting some charisma.

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